Friday, December 1

it's Holidailies time!

Today marks the starting point for Holidailies. Don't know what Holidailies is? Click here, check it out, and then come back and hang out for awhile.

(For those of you who read regularly, come back later. Or tomorrow. You already know all this stuff.)

So, this being the first day, I want to introduce myself and the rest of the cast of Refuse to Blog. My name is Lisa (as you can see from my profile). I'm a single (currently unemployed) parent living in Western Washington. (If you've got any job leads in the area, hollah!)

Refuse to Blog started a year and a half ago when my good friend Stacie (who's also participating in Holidailies) decided that I needed a blog of my own. You can read my first post here to see just how thrilled I was. Not. So. Much. Yet here we are today - still blogging. (I seriously think Stacie knows what's best for me much more than I do. Shhh! Don't tell her I said so.)

What happens here at Refuse to Blog? Well, that depends on the day. And my mood. This is your warning that I like to rant and rave and bitch and whine. And what better place to do it? But I also throw in a mix of funny stories, meme's, shout outs, and the weekly Thursday Thirteen. You'll never know what to expect.

And now, the cast:

The Regulars:
Wesley (aka WJ) - my wonderful, sometimes annoying six year old son
Stacie (aka Stace, Stacky)- my wonderfully, amazing friend who I've never met IRL (yep, 3 years strong!)
Liss - a kinda sorta new friend, met through Stacie (they hang out IRL)

Guest Appearances (and comments) made by:
The Rents - my meaning-well-but-sometimes-overbearing parents
Groove (aka Hu) - friend, former coworker, and co-author of evilness
Sis (aka Jessica) - friend, talented artist, and Sister (not IRL)
Johnny - the ex and WJ's father (though don't expect to see much on him)

Hopefully that helps with your acclimation to Refuse to Blog! Questions, comments, answers (when I ask the questions) are all encouraged.


Jessica B. said...

You make me feel special with my own guest appearance spot ;)

Cool blogging challenge. I need to do one of these one day...

Stacie said...

What a great entry! I love it!