Sunday, December 24

today's the BIG day

Today's the BIG day! Well, the big day for WJ that is. Tonight he will be going to his first professional football game - the Seattle Seahawks and the San Diego Chargers.
His entire Christmas has revolved around football. A new Seahawks tree ornament from his paternal grandmother. Seahawks jacket from the Rents. Seahawks helmet and uniform from me. And the Seahawks game from his dad. I'm sure this is one Christmas he will not soon forget!
I hope he calls me when he gets to the stadium, but he probably won't. I'm tempted to call myself, but they probably won't hear the phone. And I'm sure the Chargers are gonna kick some Seahawk butt today, but I hope I'm wrong.
As much as I wish I was there, with him, to see the smiles and feel his excitement, I'm also glad I'll be sitting in the warmth of the house watching the game on TV. And looking for my little man in the stands.

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Groove said...

Can't you teach him to root for a less shitty team? :)