Monday, March 27

catching flak

Nothing new, nothing to say, but don't want to catch flak for being the only one without an updated blog.


Saturday, March 18


Take a look around, this is what I see
Is there anybody else that feels like me
You sweat, you bleed
What you get ain't what you see
Up is down and black is white to me
I'm complicated, I get frustrated
Right or wrong, love or hate it
I'm complicated, you can' t sedate it
I heard that song but I won't play it
It's alreight, i's OK, you wouldn't want me any other way
Momma, keep on praying 'cause I ain't changin'
I'm complicated
I'm smart enough to know what I don't know
I'm fool enough to stay when I should go
You work, you cry
You watch your whole life pass you by
Sometimes you've got to close your eyes to see
Is there anybody out there?
Just like everbody out there
Just one somebody out there, just like me
I'm complicated, I get frustrated
Right or wrong, love or hate it
I'm complicated, you can' t sedate it
I heard that song but I won't play it
Is there anybody out there?
Just like everybody out there
Just one somebody out there
Just like me

(written and sung by Jon Bon Jovi.... posted on this blog for a friend)

Friday, March 17

just stuff

It's FRIDAY!!!! It could NOT have come any sooner. Work's been hellish, WJ's been driving me nuts, and I am SO ready for the weekend. So here' s the weekly catch up........

Kid gets home from the weekend with his dad. Half hour back home...... fever. 2am........ puking. Next day somewhere around 4pm......... fever breaks and I've got Damien on my hands. Not exactly the way I wanna start out the week. Been fine ever since.

Next day...... just the ssdd at work.

Day after that...... only thing I can kinda remember is staying up WAY WAY too late. Two and a half hours of sleep make the following day very long.

Then there's the day everyone felt the need to visit my cube and tell me about this and that, bitch and gripe, ask opinions, try to get info, want something, need something, and pretty much ANY and EVERY other thing you can think anyone would stop by. The result........ very little accomplished. But, going off of the 2.5 hrs of sleep.......... it was probably a good day for it to happen since not much else was.

Which brings us to today...... freakin' ghost town at work. Wished I'd brought WJ's bowling set with me. It would of helped to pass the time. Left early to take WJ for an eye appointment. Good news is he's now up to 20/20 right and 20/25 left from the original 20/20 right and 20/40 left. The bad news is he still has to wear the specs. Not bad news for any other reason than he SO wants to play sports, so now I'm going to have to invest in a pair of sports specs. Chaching! Got home from the appt and was enjoying my first beer when the phone rings and a friend is having woes. Her husband is a putz. And he's just taken all his frustration out on her. Um, NO!! Deal with your problems instead of trying to place blame on someone else. So, she and her son came over for awhile so she could "get another opinion" on stuff. And now......... food. Need to get some since I've not eaten yet today. Then again, the way the scale's reading these days, I might not eat just so I can watch the numbers continue to plummet.

Have a good one!!! And go update your blog you slacker.

on blogs

The 2006 Bloggies are out. And the other night I think I visited every single winning blog..... and some of the blogs listed on the winning blog sites. All I have to say is there 's some weird shit out in blogs land. Some of my favorites among the winners (soon to be listed in my Places I Visit section) are PostSecret, Waiter Rant, girl with a one-track mind, and Fark. Among the non-winners are Threadbared and Suicide Girls. Check them out.

Wednesday, March 15

piercings and tatoos

The other week (I think it was last), Liss and I were IMing and we started talking about piercings and tatoos. I know many people with both - some with few, some with many. I only have double pierced ears, which is a total waste since I never use the second holes and always wear the exact same pair of earrings every day. But if I ever forget to put them in, I truly feel naked all day.

We didn't get into a very long conversation about either, but it's something I've thought about on and off over the years. When I was in my 20's I thought both were pretty cool. Only to look at, on other people. In my early 30's I couldn't figure out why people pierced or tatooed some of the body parts that are now common place areas to adorn. Now, pushing into my 40's (at a much too rapid pace), I once again find myself thinking about how cool the tatoos are and wondering.... would I, could I, should I? I know I won't ever do any more piercings, but the tatoos keep sucking me in.

So, let me hear from you. Do you have piercings? tatoos? How many? When did you get them? And, most important, what do you like most about them?

Saturday, March 11

nothing exciting

Nothing exciting to report from the past week. Work (which apparently is now a taboo subject in blogland), not enough sleep, and being a not so nice mommy yesterday morning. Oh, and then there's the subject of piercings and tattoos... but that'll have to be another entry.

So the work news that I can post without fear of retaliation is that I had a very, very long week. Clocked 36 hours by the end of Thursday, so I bolted at 2:30 on Friday, came home home and had something to eat (since I'd missed lunch), and flopped on the couch to read. Now almost halfway through book four... Four to Score by Janet Evanovich. I'm sure by tomorrow I'll be on book five.

Not enough sleep seems to be a common problem for me. If I go to be too early, I wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall asleep again until it's almost time to get up for the day (which is usually at the buttcrack of dawn anyway). Then, if I stay up later, I sleep without interruption, but then don't feel like I've gotten enough sleep to make it through the day. It's a shitty cycle to be on, but haven't found anything that works to change it.

Being a bad mommy always comes back and bites me in the butt. Hopefully this one won't, but I'm sure it will. A little background... Every week that precedes WJ's departure to his father's house for the weekend, I have to hear about how excited he is. Fine. Can't imagine what there is to be so excited about, but hey... I'm bitter. And I know the truth! But I digress. Yesterday morning the excitement just sorta pushed a button in me. Following is our conversation:

"I'm going to Daddy's today!" says WJ.

"Yes, I know."

"I'm so excited!!!" (said while jumping around and procratinating on getting ready for school)

"I'm happy for you," I reply.

"I love going to Daddy's!"

(At this point I am starting to boil. Thoughts of saying "Well, maybe you want to go LIVE with Daddy" are popping up in my head.)

I turn to him and say, "Ya know, I'm happy that you like going to your Dad's. But I have to tell you... hearing about it a hundred times throughout the week is really wearing thin. It makes me feel like you'd rather be there than here and don't like living in this house, with me."

"I love living in this house" he replies. (Totally missing the point, but of course he would... he's 5!)

Quiet for a minute while I dry my hair. I see his mouth moving but can't hear him over the dryer, so I shut it down.


"I love you!"

"I love you too."

Fast forward a bit to the drive to school.



"I love you. And I love our house."

"That's good."

"I just like to visit my Dad."

"I know."

Having this sort of conversation with anyone can be draining, but when it's with a 5 year old, it's disasterous. He doesn't get it. Hell, I'm not sure I even get it. Maybe one day it will all be clear. Until then, I bite my tongue as much as I can. But sometimes I act like a bad mommy.

Well, enough blathering! All you who've been bugging me to update my blog, got your request. The rest of you... if you've read down to here, you might as well keep reading to the end. I'm off to get a much needed haircut, then maybe a little shopping. Need some new jeans since mine keep insisting on falling off me. Could be worse, eh?

Have a great Saturday!!

Wednesday, March 1

it's wednesday, so it must be time for change.... again....

It was nice while it lasted. Extra hours in my day to do whatever I wanted. Read. Screw around on-line. Clean. Talk on the phone. Okay, it wasn't really all that great. And now it's gone again! WTH am I talking about??? My hours at work.

Like the wind (and apparently because it's Wednesday) my hours have changed yet again. I was cornered in a conference room by my manager this afternoon and was told "Okay, so... you know I had to cut your hours. Well, there's too much going on... blah blah blah... need you to work more... blah blah blah... value add to the group... blah blah blah...." So, you get the point without me spelling it all out, right!? The funniest thing to me is it was like day one all over again. "I'm putting you back to 40 hrs... but can you work 45... is 50 pushing too far!?" Uhhhh!!! I'm back to a (more than) full-time schedule, so that's what's important. Crazy busy 9 hour day today too. ;)