Thursday, June 26

8 years ago

It's hard to believe that 8 years ago today this little man made his grand entrance into the world. Where does the time go?

Happy Birthday, Sweetpea! I love you more than you'll ever know!!

Sunday, June 22

remember me? - the final round

As I was trying to clean up my inbox this morning I realized that there's only one word to describe me these days. Slacker!! That's right. Complete and total slacker on anything that doesn't have to do with work, my kiddo, and/or the necessities of life.

I found two sets of questions that I never answered. Oy! Sorry girls. Here's the Q&A for the final round of Remember me?

Hilly wants to know:
1. What do you think of Angelina Jolie?
DSL, baby! DSL!!!

2. When did you last eat a cupcake?
Ummm... maybe a year ago? Sad, I know.

3. Boxers or Briefs? (on men) Why?
Boxers. They leave a little something to the imagination.

4. What did you last buy that made you happy?
A piece of artwork in celebration of my previous, tumultuous three years.

5. What's your favorite time of the day?
First thing in the morning, when the kiddo's still sleeping, and I'm hanging out, waking up, and trying to keep up with all you verbous bloggers.

6. How would you teach the world to sing?
In perfect harmony?


I used to sing (in public) when I was younger, and I've been told that my voice doesn't totally suck, but I seriously doubt anyone would want me teaching anyone, let alone the world, to sing.

7. Whom would you most like to get drunk with?
Stacie. I'm trying to help her come out of her shell!

38 more days, baby!!! W00t!!!!


And Nicki (as my final inquisitor) wants to know:

1. What do you think of boochachas?
I've been told on more than one occassion that I've got a pretty nice set of them.

2. When did you last fart?
About 30 minutes ago

3. Boxers or Briefs? Why?
See question #3 above

4. What did you dream of last night?
I was so tired last night, I didn't dream.

I go through stages where I have very, very elaborate dreams for nights on end and then total dry spells with nothing I remember. Last weekend I had a few doozies, but nothing since then.

5. What's your favorite blog? - I can answer this one - Everybody Else is Doing It.
Indeed. LOL

6. How would you tip a stripper?
Is this a male or a female stripper?

The female strippers don't seem to like me much being that the guys aren't giving them (the strippers) their undivided attention.

7. Whom would you most like to poison?
Oh, that's an easy one! Can you say beeyotch!??! I knew you could.

Thanks to everyone who participated! I'm sure you don't know me any better than you did before this all started. But, hell! At least I blogged a few times this month.

Tuesday, June 17

my friend went to Canada and all i got was...

Disclaimer: Please do not lecture me on the dangers of smoking. This post is not meant to endorse anything. I am simply sharing what I think is humorous. If you can't read this and laugh along with me, you've got bigger problems than I do.

Groove spent the weekend in Canada, much like he does a couple of times a year. Fun was had by all, from what I've been told.

Along his trip, despite my persistence that he wasn't packing enough cigarettes to last the trip, he found himself without and was forced to track down a pack or two at one of the out of the way liquor stores that sell the product that shouldn't be in the public view of children. Don't believe me? Look at the proof.

My very own pack of smokes from Canada, complete with the following warning from Health Canada:

WARNING: Second-hand smoke contains carbon monoxide, ammonia, formaldehyde, benzo[a]pyrene and nitrosamines. These chemicals can harm your children.

And if that's not bad enough, check out the "You CAN quit smoking!" card inside the box.

And here I thought the US smoking laws were bad! Sheesh!!

Saturday, June 7

remember me? - Round 2

Well the week got away from me again, but I still have more questions that need answering so here's the next round.

Stacie wants to know:

1. What do you think of your new blackberry?

I'm addicted! Now if I could just get you added as a contact. Grrr!!

2. When did you last go on a road trip?

Depends on what your definition of a road trip is. If it's just driving for longer than an hour or so away from home, then it was the middle of last month when I went to Oregon. Otherwise I guess I'd have to say it was March '01 when I moved to WA from Arizona.

3. Skiing or rock climbing? Why?

I really wouldn't pick either, but I'll take skiing. Keeping my feet on the ground sounds better than dangling in mid air.

4. What did you want the most for Christmas as a kid?

A 10-speed bicycle. I finally got one right before going into the 6th grade and promptly told my parents to keep it since I was also told the reason they'd finally bought me one was because I was being sent to a new school that was further away.

5. What's your favorite laundry detergent?


6. How would you like to come visit me?

Nah. That doesn't sound like much fun at all. :P

7. Whom would you most like to kick?

Depends on the day, but in general, stupid drivers.


And Groove asks:

1. What do you think of free soda?

Free is always good.

2. When did you last mamba horizontally?

I don't mamba, or limbo, or any other latin dancing. But thanks for asking.

3. Silk or Cotton? Why?

Cotton. I'm a low maintenance kinda girl.

4. What did you have fun doing last week?

Playing pool.

5. What's your favorite pick-up line?

Is it time? LOL

6. How would you break into a sperm bank?

Doubtful I'd ever want/need to break into a sperm bank considering I'm done having kidlets.

7. Whom would you most like to (Damn Sizzle stole it) rub virgin olive oil into their scalp?

You! I'd take all those long locks you're growing, lube 'em up, then slick 'em back.

Tuesday, June 3

remember me? - Round 1

Wow! I'm shocked there's still any of you who care enough to check up on li'l old me. Makes a girl feel kinda special!

Here's Round 1 of the Q&A from the Remember Me? questions I posted yesterday. (I'm calling this Round 1 assuming there might be another round. Then again, maybe no one else cares. We'll see. LOL)

Here are Sizzle's questions:

1. What do you think of the LOST season finale?

LOST? What is this LOST you speak of? I know I've been missing for awhile, but I had no idea they'd created a finale about it.

2. When did you last get a pedicure?

Um... never. In case I haven't already mentioned it before I have a foot phobia. Now, let me just say that doesn't keep me from putting on my "party toes" during the sandal wearing season (are we ever going to have one out here this year?), but the idea of someone else touching my feet. Ewww!!!

3. Chocolate or Vanilla? Why?

Definitely chocolate. There is no other choice.

4. What did you do on Sunday?

This past Sunday I got up, read through blogs (yes, I still read even though I don't post or comment much), yakked with Stacie for a bit, put away some laundry, washed some more laundry, talked to my Dad, showered, watched NASCAR, went to the grocery store, played hide-n-seek out front with the little man and all the other neighbor kids, made dinner, checked work email, then vegged out in front of the TV.

5. What's your favorite pizza topping?

Honestly I don't have a favorite. There's truly one two things I won't eat on a pizza - anchovies and cashews.

6. How would you explain a prolonged absence without really giving anything away?

There's this thing called work. It pays my bills. It keeps me working strange hours. It's even been known to make me think once or twice. And... it's definitely gotten in the way of my personal computer time. And then there's this other thing about taking a break and not really posting much of anything of personal nature because snooping eyes (you know who you are) like to read about it.

7. Whom would you most like to shag?


Okay, not really. But if I swung that way...

I could go with someone obvious like Matthew McConaughey, but I'd like a sexy man with more experience so I'll say Sean Connery.


And here's Kim's questions:

1. What did you think of all natural disasters in the world?

Apocalypse. I know where I'm headed when it comes.

2. When did you last go to the theater?

You know it's been too long when you can't remember. I think it was either Meet the Robinsons or Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Whichever came to the theater 2nd.

3. Sweet or Salty? Why?

Yes. One always follows the other. There is no separation.

4. What did you eat for breakfast?

I don't eat breakfast, so Diet Coke and a smoke it is.

5. What's your favorite thing to do in the evening?

Relax on the phone with friends and have a couple of beers.

6. How would you quit your job if you could do it any way you want?

Oh, I'm in NO way thinking of quitting my job since I've worked very, very hard to get it and hold on to it, but... if I was going to quit, it'd depend on the circumstances. I pretty much don't like to leave a place in a bad way just in case I ever need to go back to them for whatever reason, but in my wild imagination I'd walk up to everyone I've ever thought was a moron and tell them directly to their faces.

Quite the imagination, eh?

7. Whom would you most like to meet?


Hehe! Okay, you and a bunch of the other bloggers I've gotten to know over the past few years. I just never seem to be able to make any of the meet ups that are scheduled either because of work, lack of funds, or whatever.

Monday, June 2

remember me?

I know it's been months since I've posted anything. What can I say? I've been busy? I've not had anything to write (bullshit)? I've been a slacker (mayhaps!)? Whatever.

It's not that I don't think of posting, I just don't do it. But when I saw Chag's Libs I figured I'd throw one out there for myself on the off chance there's still anyone who checks up on me periodically to see what I think.

With that said, here you go. Leave a comment filling in the blanks to the questions and I'll answer them in a future post. Whatever you want. Within reason, of course.

1. What do you think of ________?

2. When did you last ________?

3. ________ or ________? Why?

4. What did you ________?

5. What's your favorite ________?

6. How would you ________?

7. Whom would you most like to ________?

You know you want to.