Monday, May 23

The REAL Story

Why do I refuse to blog? It's very simple, actually. I don't have enough time!

There are not enough hours in my day as it is, so until someone invents a way to make the day longer (or me more productive), chances are you will visit my blog and it will be a very quiet place. Sort of like a ghost town. Oh, I'll post new messages on occasion because I just can't stand to "start" something (even though I didn't actually start this blog!) and not finish it. And, I'm sure I'll get sucked in more and more as time goes on. But, just know that every minute I spend here, telling you things you probably don't want to hear about anyway, is time spent away from what I should really be doing.

So, now I've spent 15 minutes figuring out this whole blogging adventure, I'm off to try to accomplish what I should have been doing instead of writing this.

Have a great day! And come back often to visit. You may not find anything new to read, but at least I'll know you cared enough to check.


Stacie said...

I think that's a very interesting, yet skewed, point of view.
I will be checking back, you can be sure of that.

Stacie said...

See? I checked back again. ;)

Jessica B. said...

Lisa, I think you should write about time management and will power. You must have a lot! ;o) LOL! (((hugs))) Good to see you NOT blogging!

Nicole said...

I'm so happy you refuse to blog! Don't you cave to the pressure lovey!
LOL I LOVE your post!

bree said...

Hi, Lisa! ;) I'll check in often...probably every day! :D

Alicia said...

Well, I'm a chronic blog checker, live for Blogrolling or Bloglines to keep me posted on people...that being said, I post whenever, lol. More so lately, but sometimes I go two weeks without blogging. Oh well. :)

Welcome to the blogging world even though you're, eh, not blogging, lol.