Thursday, February 21

birthday wishes and sloppy kisses

Because I'm a total slacker as of late, but mostly because I doubt I could top this one, enjoy a repost from last year in honor of Groove's birthday. And as last year, feel free to leave him lots of birthday wishes and sloppy kisses here. He really likes them sloppy kisses! Hehe!

So without further ado, Ode to My Friend Groove. Luv ya!

Your name is Groove
and you often act rude,
except for the times
you feel the need to be lewd.

You're evil and silly,
and smart as a whip,
but one thing's for certain
you don't take any shit.

The tough act you flaunt
makes everyone stare,
so I won't let them know
you're a big teddy bear.

You've given me guidance,
support, and laughing fits,
and rained piss on my "party"
when I'm down in the pits.

So, today, on your birthday
I just want to say,
you're a friend to the end.
Go have fun... and get laid.

Happy Birthday Groove!!

Saturday, February 2

surprise packages

I love getting presents! Especially surprise presents that come in the mail. There's nothing better than opening the mailbox to find a key to one of the bigger lock boxes and know you didn't order something, yet there's a box waiting for you. The kind that contain something personal - a luxury just for me. I had one of those surprise packages waiting for me yesterday. (I'm sure it was actually there on Thursday, but since I completely had the DAY FROM HELL that day, I never bothered to stop and check for mail.)

When we FINALLY got home last night after making countless stops to pick things up on the way home - trust me, DO NOT plan errand running on a Friday evening - I grabbed the mail, and my surprise package, unloaded the car, put everything away, checked email, and got on the phone. Never even opened the box. Yeah, I'm weird like that.

Around 8:30pm my mother calls. "Did you get the box I sent, or did the USPS lose it?"

I told her it was here but I hadn't opened it yet. She couldn't understand what in hell I was waiting for. Frankly, neither could I, but as I mentioned, I'm weird like that. So she pushes and says "Go open it now." {sigh} If I must.

Sometimes my mom's pushing and prodding drives me crazy but was I ever happy she pushed me to open the box. Take a look what was inside.....

My mom ROCKS!!! Buh-bye my old friends, you've been replaced.