Friday, December 8

today i am sick

For two days I tried to deny it. Ignore it. Will it away.

Today I am sick.

There's no getting around it. Stuffy nose. Watering eyes. Hacking up phlem. Damn!

What's even worse is my sleep cycle. It's broken. Waking up (wide awake) at 3:30am after going to bed at 11:30pm sucks. I'm sure the short nap on the couch didn't help things. Nor the dozing in the recliner. Now I'm doomed to one of the erratic sleep cycles I get into occassionally. If this one follows pattern, I'll be waking five or ten minutes later each morning for the next two weeks or so until my body finally gives up in exhaustion and pulls me down for an extended nap.

In the meantime I'll keep on. Run through my daily routine as best as I can. Fight the urge to collapse on the couch. Bite my tongue so as to not be snappy or sassy to people. And force the dozen or so pills down my throat every day in hopes of shortening the misery.

Today I am sick.

Did I mention this sucks?


Stacie said...

Feel better FAST, chica!

HuheyGroove said...

I'll second that but if it's close to what I had welcome to a week :(