Thursday, October 27

too little time

Where does it go? I swear I'm not wasting time! I get up at the butt crack of dawn (sometimes earlier) and go all day long. Yet, there are days I feel like I'm never making any headway. And what am I going to do this weekend when the time changes? I'm already having trouble sleeping past 5 am... so that means I'll be awake at 4 am. Ugh!!

So, along with feeling like I'm not making any headway, I've been remiss on blogging. No, I haven't been trying to live up to the name of my blog... I just really can't seem to get everything done anymore.

The Snazzy Scraps November kit is up and selling fast! And I just announced our newest Guest Designer this morning - Kelly Swan. The December kit is coming together nicely. And, we have sponsorships for the months of December and January. WOOHOO!!!

On the "real job" front there is nada to report. Resumes go out, and "Dear John" letters come back. Maybe I've just been out of the 9-5 hustle too long for anyone to even take a chance on me? I certainly hope not!! I need something to pay the mortgage before the end of the spousal maintenance.

Wesley is doing well despite hitting a little girl the other day! Aaaaah!!! According to him, she was "being rude". Being rude? Well, probably knowing this little girl. But not to him. To another little girl. So, he hit her... in the back even. LOL Missed afternoon recess, had to listen to the "why we don't hit" lecture for an hour, had no TV priviledges that night, and was forced to make an "I'm sorry I hit you" card. I sincerely hope this was a one time occurance. Sigh.

Been TOTALLY enjoying the challenges I've been working on the past 8 days at ScrapForums!! What fun!!! It's the most creative I've been in months.

Other than that, it's the same-old-same-old around here. Did you miss my babbling?

Wednesday, October 19

whew! what a week

I'm back. Well, back to my normal routine (whatever that is these days). Just trying to get caught up on all the stuff I missed the past week. I've got kits to ship, resumes to mail, and scrapping to get done.

The November kit is almost ready. Just picking up a couple things this afternoon and then it'll be posted at Snazzy Scraps. Yummy Sweetwater paper!

Oh, and I was tagged last week by my little Sis, so I've got to get that done and posted too.

But for now, I'm off to the shower.

Monday, October 3

just because my sister asked

Although I had a great time at the crop this last weekend, I really didn't get much done... except for hosting three games, playing Nicole's bingo, playing Louise's "Name the Paper" game, and keeping everything on schedule. In fact, the only thing I got done was this Christmas card. The good news is, I got to use my stitching stamp from my dear friend Stacie.

I had really wanted to attend Sandie's Tag Book Make N Take, but wasn't able to. So, I took note of the instructions and spent some time this afternoon making one with items from the Snazzy Scraps October monthly kit.

All items used are from the kit, except:

Eyelet (in small chipboard tag)
Gingham ribbon

like mother, like son

What a weekend! Fantastic crop at The Decorated Page. If you missed it, don't worry. We'll be having another in the next month or two. Even Wesley joined in the festivities this time. Besides drawing a slew of pictures for me, he created his very first scrapbook layout! The only thing I did was print the photo, and cut it out for him. He did all the rest himself!