Sunday, July 27

when the working day is done, oh girls... they wanna have fun

The past month has been a complete beeyotch, workwise. I spend nine to twelve hours a day working, most of those hours in meetings, and then trying frantically to catch up with all the work that didn't get done during the aforementioned snooze sessions. By the time the weekend rolls around I'm faced with mountains of household chores that need done, a yard turning into a jungle, and a little man that wants to suck up as much time with his "old, fun" mommy as he can.

One of the yearly requirements for all employees of The Winnebago is to complete a series of mandatory training. They make it very convenient for us by providing the classes on-line so we can do them whenever, and wherever, we find the time. Time is the one thing I don't have nearly enough of, so... Do you see the problem here?

The other day management sends us a gentle reminder to complete our classes that reads something like this:
"...if not already completed, please work on the mandatory training. I find
taking them during boring meetings kills two birds with one stone."

Uh, okay. So what you're saying is we shouldn't need to pay attention in the meeting therefore nullifying our need for attending in the first place? Okay, yeah!

For the record, I won't be getting to any of those "mandatory trainings" anytime soon. In fact next week, I won't be getting to very much work at all. I am taking a few hours off (I say hours cuz I'll still be monitoring email periodically and attending required meetings) to spend some much needed girl time with her majesty. She'll be here in two days. W00t!!

We've kept the schedule pretty open at this point but I can assure you there will be a lot of Rock Band/Guitar Hero playing, beer drinking, movie watching, pool playing, yakking, smoking, visiting the carnies, eating, shopping and otherwise girlish fun for 5 straight days. Because when the working day is done, oh girls... they wanna have fun. Oh girls, just wanna have fun!

Sunday, July 13

he's done it again

Matt Harding, aka Dancing Matt, has done it again. He recently released his 2008 Dancing video which, in my opinion, is the best one yet. Check it out!

So now that his 2008 tour is over, Where The Hell is Matt?

Saturday, July 12

name that tune - another iTunes meme

It's been awhile since I've done a good meme and found this one floating around. Hell, I might have already done it before, but if it's about tunes, it's always worth doing... even if it's for a second time.

Open up iTunes, if you have it (if not, improvise), and answer the following questions:

How many total songs?
423 songs, 1.1 days, 1.70 GB (I don't store all my tunes in iTunes, so there's LOTS more I just haven't imported)

Sort by song title - first and last
A*****e Father, Sick Puppies, Dressed Up As Life
(You Want To) Make a Memory, Bon Jovi, Lost Highway

Sort by time - shortest and longest
I Don't Care, Black Flag, Everything Went Black - 0:59 seconds
Free Bird, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Guitar Rock (1974-1975) - 9 minutes, 0:05 seconds

Sort by Album - first and last
Act III, Death Angel
Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!, Hellogoodbye

Sort by Artist - first and last

Top five played songs:
Jump Jive 'n' Wail, Brian Setzer
Don't Know What You Got, Cinderella
All the Same, Sick Puppies
Clocks, Coldplay
Carry on Wayward Son, Kansas

Find the following words. How many songs show up?
Sex: 0
Death: 4
Love: 8
You: 59
Home: 10
Boy: 6
Girl: 8

First five songs that come up on Party Shuffle
What If, Creed
Pump Up the Jam, Technotronic
Everything About You, Ugly Kid Joe
My Own Prison, Creed
You And Me, Lifehouse

And now, all that remains is to tag. I tag:
If you're a music freak, consider yourself tagged

Sunday, July 6

F is for...

It's been a holiday weekend full of fun, friends, food, fireworks, Rock Band frenzy and film! A much needed break from the chaos of working life, to be sure.

Friday afternoon just before we headed across the street to our friends' for a BBQ, I asked the little man if he wanted to bring his new Guitar Hero III with us. It was one of the games he got for his birthday and hadn't tried out yet, so we scooped up the unopened box, our food, bevvies, camera and whatever else we needed and headed across. After some yummy snacks (while the ribs, yum, were cooking) the kids went and set up the game.

While having fun, it's kinda hard to play Guitar Hero III with only one guitar and three kids. I headed back to the house to retrieve the guitar from Rock Band in hopes it would be compatible. Not. So. Much. After dinner, diappointed that the guitars weren't working together, I asked the son to help me grab the remainder of Rock Band. (I'd been told the guitar from Guitar Hero worked with Rock Band - still not sure why it doesn't work in the reverse?).

Even the adults got in on it!

(You'll have to pretend there's a video here since Blogger was being a beeyotch and wouldn't load it.)

We finally found the perfect mix of talents for our band - friends' son on lead guitar, little man on bass, me on the drums, and friends' daughter singing. We played and played for hours until it finally got dark enough to head outside for the fire works (if you could really call them that considering our city banned all fireworks a few years ago). Sorry for the crappy pics but my camera was out of battery so I had to use my Blackberry.

Saturday afternoon the little man and I finally went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I have to say though it wasn't one of my favorite of the bunch, it was still good and I'm happy we saw it on the big screen rather than waiting for the DVD.

When we got home there was a voicemail from our friends inviting us over for pie. We'd discovered the pie we tried to eat the night before was still raw in the middle despite it supposedly being a fully cooked, ready to eat pie from Safeway. But in true Safeway fashion, when they returned the pie yesterday, they were given a new one (with apologies) and this time it was fully cooked and yummo! After pie and ice cream I asked if anyone was up for another round "road trip" (aka round of Rock Band) and we headed back to our house for more frenzy.

Our band name... The Goofballs!

Hope you've all had a safe and fun holiday weekend!