Friday, December 22

now that we've "had" Christmas, what are we going to do "on" Christmas?

WJ's leaving for his dad's this afternoon and I'm okay with it. We had our Christmas last night. All of it.

I was planning on just giving him his two bigger presents - Seahawks helmet and Seahawks jacket - and holding everything else until Christmas day (since he'll be home around 2pm). He opened both and was so excited. Then, he wanted to give me one of my presents. A photo of him with Santa. Then another, and another. Next thing I knew presents were being doled out and ripped open by all. It was crazy!

So, now that we've already had Christmas, what are we going to do on Christmas day? LOL

Oh well! Everyone's happy. We all got what we wanted. And I get to still look forward to spending part of Christmas day with WJ.

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Liss said...

The movies are always good on Christmas should to see Charlotte's Web.