Monday, December 4

holiday music

Having a good, but rather frantic day (and not a lot of creativity in my brain because of it) I saw that the blog prompt today is about holiday music. Since I love to talk about music - all kinds - why not holiday music?

Growing up we used to drive to my Grandma's house every Christmas Eve. On the way home, we always had the radio tuned to the 24 hour Christmas music. We'd sing, and laugh, and have loads of fun. I grew up listening to the classics - Andy Williams, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Burl Ives. Their smooth voices a perfect match to croon the best tunes of the season. My dad and I also wouldn't miss the PBS broadcast of Handel's Messiah. We'd sing at the top of our lungs along with the choir and TV, and every year we'd say "we need to go do that next year". (We never did, but the memory still remains.)

By the time I was in high school it seemed all the best bands of the time, and individual artists too, started recording their versions of the classics. I listened to the likes of Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Garth Brooks and Pat Benatar. Not the same smooth voices I grew up with, but enjoyable all the same.

Over the years I collected various different Christmas albums. Some of the classics, some of the new stuff. Then, a couple of weeks ago, my friend Groove hooked me up with a boatload of Christmas tunes. Classics. Rock. Country. Blues. Opera. I will never again need more Christmas music. We played tunes for hours while decorating the tree the other day and barely even touched the surface. It was awesome.

With 21 days to go until "the big day" I have no doubt we'll have Christmas music emblazed in our brains long after the season is over.


HuheyGroove said...

More tunes coming :)

Anonymous said...

Me- I like Dean Martin and the Rat Pack Christmas music.

Wife- The Carpenters Christmas Album.

Stacie said...

Bing, always Bing...