Tuesday, December 5

better than chocolate

What can be better than chocolate you ask? Not much, really. Maybe ice cream, or coffee. If you ask WJ it's his Lego Advent Calendar he received yesterday from one of my friends.

How cool is this? Every day he gets to open a little window and inside is a new addition to the Lego city. Being that we just started opening windows last night, we opened four at the same time. So far he's built a construction worker, an airplane guider, two sets of road construction tools, and a luggage cart.

I received a traditional chocolate filled Advent calendar but since I don't want to put back on all the weight I've recently lost, I probably won't open it.


But not yet.


HuheyGroove said...

Now THAT if Effin Cool.

Anonymous said...

Wow- that IS cool--!

Stacie said...

That is the coolest thing EVAH!!!!