Monday, December 11

two days behind

The only two things I've kept up with this weekend is my Holidailies posting (if you could call my pitiful whining about being sick worthy posting) and the laundry (well, sort of - it's washed and folded, but hasn't been put away yet). I now have a mountain of things that all need to get done before Sunday.

But first I want to quickly catch up on some of the daily prompts I haven't blogged about yet. I like having the prompts, but don't always use them. So, get ready for the Reader's Digest version to catch me up!

12-01-2006: "Introduce yourself and your website to Holidailies readers."
If you haven't already read mine, you can go here.

12-02-2006: "Appreciating the smallest things"
Did this one too... just a day later than the prompt.

12-03-2006: "Sunny or snowy: Which makes for the better holiday season, and why?"
Short and simple. Snowy. We get enough sun during the summer and I love the change of seasons.

12-04-2006: "Holiday music: essential part of the season, or 'no way, it makes my ears bleed'?"
Another one I used. And on schedule.

12-05-2006: "Tell us your favorite shopping-mall horror story."
I honestly don't have a horror story to tell. I try my damnedest to get my shopping done early, during the week, and NOT at the mall. Why? The cashiers are crabby. The babies are screaming. And the shoppers feel entitled when they shouldn't. Sometimes avoidance is the best course of action.

12-06-2006: "Today is St. Nicholas' Day: Did you believe in Santa Claus/Father Christmas? How did you find out the truth? Would you tell your kids about Santa?"
Yes, there is a Santa Claus!

12-07-2006: "Write about a memorably perfect day in your life."
The only memorably perfect day in my life was the day WJ was born. Since I don't remember all of it, it's perfect! LOL

12-08-2006: "Letter to Santa (or another potentially gift-bearing entity)"

Dear Santa,

Can you do me a favor? Wake me when you get here so I can ride along with you for the rest of the night. I really don't wanna be home this Christmas.



12-09-2006: "Are you blogging to avoid doing something? Release your troubles! "
Yep! Did you read my first paragraph? I'm two days behind on things that MUST get done. Figured I'd procrastinate a little longer. If I keep ingoring it, ya think it'll just go away??

12-10-2006: No prompt today

12-11-2006: "Those mass-produced family holiday newsletters"
Been. There. Done. That. Not this year though. Can't decide whether it's good or bad that there wasn't anything that noteworthy happening in our lives to write an entire holiday newsletter about? Hmmm!

So there it is. All the prompts used. Probably not as those who suggested them intended, but hey. Cut me some slack. I tried!


Stacie said...

Muy impressivo, chica.

creative-type dad said...

You just reminded me that I need to get that Christmas letter done.

I'm a horrible writer too.

Lisa said...

stacie - not really! just random thoughts LOL

c-t dad - uh huh, right!! sell that bridge to someone else LOL