Wednesday, December 7

it's been too long!

As my friend Liss pointed out, I've been AWOL... MIA even!

So much has happened in my little world in the past month. So much, in fact, that I didn't think anyone even still read my little blog, so I haven't bothered to say anything. Life has been good, bad and indifferent.

The good - I got a job! It all happened overnight (literally) but I'm working on a one year contract. Despite the rumors, I'm just an Administrative Assistant at this point. No dark and seedy secrets that I've uncovered yet. But, if I do, you'll be the first to know.

The bad - My Aunt passed away on Thanksgiving Day. After suffering from pulmonary fibrosis for four years, she went peacefully in a hospice center. The services were the following Thursday, and sadly enough, it was the first time seeing certain members of the family in years. Why is it that family only gets together for births, graduations and deaths?

The indifferent - Life goes on. Every day is a blur. My parents were here for three weeks, now gone for two, and then back again for two for the holidays. Trying to get on a normal schedule is out until the beginnning of the new year. Wesley is great, adjusting well to mom working and looking forward to Christmas. And me... I'm just taking things one day at a time. The only way to go!

I've missed everyone, and I hope to post more often. But sometimes it takes a friend to poke a stick in my butt to get me going again. Love you Liss!

Thursday, October 27

too little time

Where does it go? I swear I'm not wasting time! I get up at the butt crack of dawn (sometimes earlier) and go all day long. Yet, there are days I feel like I'm never making any headway. And what am I going to do this weekend when the time changes? I'm already having trouble sleeping past 5 am... so that means I'll be awake at 4 am. Ugh!!

So, along with feeling like I'm not making any headway, I've been remiss on blogging. No, I haven't been trying to live up to the name of my blog... I just really can't seem to get everything done anymore.

The Snazzy Scraps November kit is up and selling fast! And I just announced our newest Guest Designer this morning - Kelly Swan. The December kit is coming together nicely. And, we have sponsorships for the months of December and January. WOOHOO!!!

On the "real job" front there is nada to report. Resumes go out, and "Dear John" letters come back. Maybe I've just been out of the 9-5 hustle too long for anyone to even take a chance on me? I certainly hope not!! I need something to pay the mortgage before the end of the spousal maintenance.

Wesley is doing well despite hitting a little girl the other day! Aaaaah!!! According to him, she was "being rude". Being rude? Well, probably knowing this little girl. But not to him. To another little girl. So, he hit her... in the back even. LOL Missed afternoon recess, had to listen to the "why we don't hit" lecture for an hour, had no TV priviledges that night, and was forced to make an "I'm sorry I hit you" card. I sincerely hope this was a one time occurance. Sigh.

Been TOTALLY enjoying the challenges I've been working on the past 8 days at ScrapForums!! What fun!!! It's the most creative I've been in months.

Other than that, it's the same-old-same-old around here. Did you miss my babbling?

Wednesday, October 19

whew! what a week

I'm back. Well, back to my normal routine (whatever that is these days). Just trying to get caught up on all the stuff I missed the past week. I've got kits to ship, resumes to mail, and scrapping to get done.

The November kit is almost ready. Just picking up a couple things this afternoon and then it'll be posted at Snazzy Scraps. Yummy Sweetwater paper!

Oh, and I was tagged last week by my little Sis, so I've got to get that done and posted too.

But for now, I'm off to the shower.

Monday, October 3

just because my sister asked

Although I had a great time at the crop this last weekend, I really didn't get much done... except for hosting three games, playing Nicole's bingo, playing Louise's "Name the Paper" game, and keeping everything on schedule. In fact, the only thing I got done was this Christmas card. The good news is, I got to use my stitching stamp from my dear friend Stacie.

I had really wanted to attend Sandie's Tag Book Make N Take, but wasn't able to. So, I took note of the instructions and spent some time this afternoon making one with items from the Snazzy Scraps October monthly kit.

All items used are from the kit, except:

Eyelet (in small chipboard tag)
Gingham ribbon

like mother, like son

What a weekend! Fantastic crop at The Decorated Page. If you missed it, don't worry. We'll be having another in the next month or two. Even Wesley joined in the festivities this time. Besides drawing a slew of pictures for me, he created his very first scrapbook layout! The only thing I did was print the photo, and cut it out for him. He did all the rest himself!

Wednesday, September 28

no, this pasta is really great!

I've done a lot of cooking in my time. I started when I was just a kid, spending time with my Grandma Smith in the kitchen, watching every move she made. My Mom taught the Girl Scout cooking badge requirements. Then I went to work for the lady across the street who owned her own catering business. (Okay, not a lot of cooking with her. It was mostly bagels and lox, gefilte fish, and blintzes.) Of course I cooked for myself, and roomates, during and after college. And then there was the ocassional "date" cooking (food... not something else). I married, cooked for a husband, and along came Wesley and I cooked for him. Then the divorce, so back to just me with the ocassional coaxing to get a very opinionated five year old to try something new. And back to cooking for others when hosting crops at the LSS.

Like I said, I've done a lot of cooking in my time!

Today I cooked (and served) for 14 Kindergarteners. What does one make for a Kindergarten hot lunch program? Especially when the teacher and assistant teacher are eating too? Pasta. It's the easiest, cheapest, quickest, and most kid friendly thing I can think of all rolled into one. Toss in a green salad with every kid's favorite... ranch dressing, and brownies for dessert, and you've got a crowd pleaser.

So much so, I was shocked:

- 6 came back for seconds on pasta
- 3 came back for seconds on salad
- one of those 3 already mentioned came back for third's on salad
- the teachers wanted the recipe (LOL)
- Wesley said, "Mom, your pasta is great!"
- another boy said, "No, your pasta is REALLY great!!!"

And, to boot, the three year old sister of one of Wesley's classmates told her mom (my serving helper) "Momma... she's pretty" referring to me.

Now those are the best compliments I've had in a long, long time!

Bon appetit!

Monday, September 26

planning a crop

Mark your calendars now!

When: Saturday, October 1 starting at 9am ET through Sunday, October 2 ending at Noon

Where: The Decorated Page

Games, challenges, make-n-takes, chatter, and, of course, PRIZES!!!! Hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 24


It's a bright new day with endless possibilities! I feel a good day coming on!! :o) Let's hope my gut is right. ;o)

Friday, September 23


Some people are just stupid! That's it. There's just NO other explaination or definition for it. Stupid. And you want to know my biggest pet peeve in life?????


Saturday, September 17

Saturday morning ramblings

Sheesh! This week sure went by quickly. I guess that happens when you're running here and there and everywhere else. LOL Got a lot accomplished around the house, got the Snazzy Scraps October kit pulled together and sent out to the designers, did a little shopping (and splurged on a new pair of Liz Claiborne short boots for me), and signed up to be "lunch lady" on Sept. 28th for Wesley's class (they do hot lunches once a week). All in all a good week!

Still looking for a "real" job. I was really hoping that I would have heard something from one of the places I sent a resume to, but nada. The one closed on Sept. 2nd, and since I still haven't heard anything, I guess I'm not in the running for that. There's still hope that I'll hear something from The City of Olympia. That didn't close until this past Tuesday, and I have a friend who works there who is hopefully putting in a good word for me. I'll give her a ring early next week to see where they are in the hiring process. Keep your fingers crossed.

Today we're going to the HFS Back to School picnic. Wesley is just loving school and is really looking forward to the picnic. I'm looking forward to seeing all the volunteer opportunities available and getting myself commited to work off my "support" hours (30 hours per family). LOL Not really, but I want to get them signed up for and done as quickly as possible so that I don't have to worry about them later in the year. After the picnic we might head over to the LSS to hang out for a bit. Or, maybe, if the mojo I think is starting to come back actually arrives (dare I say it) I might just try to get some scrapping done tonight. It'll be hard without my scrappin' buddy who's been MIA all week long even after many messages and attempts to contact her. Maybe my Sis will want to "chat and scrap" tonight? We'll see.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday! Stay warm, dry, etc. if you're in a climate like mine today (45 degrees and have the heater on already). If you're like some others I know... stay cool and comfortable. Crack open a cold one and enjoy!

Saturday, September 10

Hurricane Katrina Scrapbook Kit e-Bay Auction

Snazzy Scraps, and several other kit clubs, have combined efforts to raise money in aid of the Hurricane Katrina victims. Don't miss out on your chance to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.

View the auction and place your bid today!

Thursday, September 8

stalky mcstalker pants

I see someone finally got a picture of Stacie and Liss and their stalker. Behold Stalky McStalker Pants!!

Wednesday, September 7

first day of Kindergarten

Today is Wesley's first day of Kindergarten. I am going to attempt to journal the day on my blog, so keep checking back for updates throughout the day.

6:00am - I am up and trying to wake up. I've checked, and rechecked, that I have all the forms, etc. that I'm supposed to take with me for his first day. The emergency kit is packed and ready.

6:40am - Wesley is still sleeping and I'm trying to calm my nerves. I've got to make his lunch and then get in the shower. Be back in a bit.

7:55am - We're out the door. Stopping to take a couple of pictures before we go.

8:20am - Said goodbye to Wesley as he left the gym with the rest of his class and teacher to head off to the classroom. Didn't cry, but almost.

8:30am - Home again. Jake was looking for Wesley. Mrs. Dohring handed out little gifts to the parents. A small gift bag with a cotton ball, a tissue and a tea bag along with a very sweet note. Now I'm tearing up.

8:32am - Called Grandma and Grandpa to fill them in on the morning's events. Both Grandma and I had a good cry.

9:15am - Tried to call Stacie. She's probably still out getting Michael. So, here I am catching up with the journaling. It sure is quiet around here.

Saturday, August 20

survival of the fittest

When life gives me lemons, I run and hide. Seriously! I go into hibernation until I can figure out what to do next. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not. This past week was a pseudo hibernation week for me. Lots to figure out. Lots of challenges thrown my way. Some I've conquered (like replacing my car battery yesterday after finding my "dead" car stuck in the garage). And some I've merely taken steps to correct. I think what bothers me more than the actual problems is the constant pressure to placate those who think they need to be involved.

As this week ends, I am looking forward to a new week... a better week. I am a survivor in this evil game we call life.

Tuesday, August 9

mr. handsome

I didn't think it was possible for my sweet, handsome boy to look any more handsome... but I was wrong! Doesn't he look wonderful?

a day to forget

I've been struggling since last week trying to work through my thoughts and feelings about today, August 9th. Somehow I know I am better off and that I have a lot too look forward to. But I can't help feeling like I'm in a funk too. Instead of being happy, I'm retrospective. I just hope the day passes quickly and without any surprises. And, if you talk to me today and I'm in a crappy mood, try not to hold it against me.

By the way, today would have been my 8th wedding anniversary.

Sunday, August 7

thurston county fair

It's summer, so that means it's fair time! Our county fair is pretty small, and only runs for 5 days, but it's still a lot of fun for a 5 year old. We were supposed to go with a friend and her boys but over the course of the past 72 hours two of the three came down with some sort of stomach bug. So, today, on the last day of the fair, Wesley and I ventured out by ourselves.

Starting with the animal exhibits we looked at pigs, goats, sheep, cows, llamas, horses, rabbits and chickens. We also hit the craft and hobbie hall, but didn't spend much time since Wesley was itching to get to the rides. There's nothing like fair grub... everything from hamburgers and BBQ to Chinese and Indian. Then there's all the yummy local farms with their wonderful treats. We settled for the standard cheeseburgers and shared an apple fritter for dessert. Yum!

Finally we headed off to the amusement area. I've always loved amusement parks and it seems Wesley is a chip off the old block. Though he wanted to ride everything, I limited him to the ones he could ride on his own. It's not because I've gotten a yellow spine in recent years, it's the cost. $1 per ticket and 3-4 tickets for each ride. Fortunately for me they had unlimited wristbands for $17. Here's a picture of Wesley riding the airplanes. He also rode the roller coaster, train, dragon spin, and ran around in the mirror maze, Indiana Jones adventure, and bouncy thingy.

The one thing I don't remember from going to the fair as a kid is the odd crowd of folk who work the fair... the carnies. Maybe it was just my naivete. Maybe it was just youth. Or maybe it's because now I'm older and wiser and know what sorts of bad things happen, even to good people. I just couldn't help eyeing each and every ride operator wondering about them. Not in a negative manner per se, but wondering what brough them to the notorius world of being a carnie. Traveling. Manual labor. Thankless job. I seem to remember wanting to be a carnie when I was younger. There was a magical spell the fair held over me. Now I wonder why?

So, the grand total of the day was...

Parking... $5
Entry to the fair... $6
Lunch... $9.50
Carnival rides... $17
Dessert... $3.50

A wonderul summer day together.... priceless!

Friday, August 5

falling asleep

I find it really hard to fall asleep some nights. And staying asleep becomes a challenge too! Especially when Wesley wakes up in the middle of the night crying. I know some of you are going through the same thing this week. And broken sleep really sucks.

What was the problem? Wesley lost his black sunglasses. He had three pairs - black, brown and some crazy looking blue ones his dad bought him. He rarely ever wears any of them, but when he does, it's the black ones. A week ago his dad took him to a carnival and he left his black sunglasses on one of the rides. By the time the realized it and went back to retrieve them, they were gone. Probably being worn by some other kid who's parents will wonder later how the black sunglasses became part of their child's wardrobe.

I was told about the loss of the sunglasses the day it happened. And, it didn't seem like a big deal to Wesley. It certainly wasn't to me since he has two other pairs. But, in the middle of the night it apparently became a BIG deal.

The solution... we went to Walmart yesterday and bought a new pair of black sunglasses.

I don't really think the sunglasses were the issue. I think his mind is whirling with thoughts of his dad leaving. (He's being deployed at the end of the month.) I'm sure the old fears of abandonment are creeping in again. If that's the case, I'm in for a long bought of nights with broken sleep.

Monday, July 18

august kit

The Snazzy Scraps August kit is up!

Awesome Rusty Pickle patterned paper, an exclusive alphabet set created by Jessica Bolton of Eclectic Scraps, Prima flower, May Arts ribbon, and lots of cool embellishments.

Sunday, July 17

more on news of the day...

A proud kid!

news of the day

Wesley... in The Olympian today . Go to the Living section and click on Swim safely to read the story.

I am beaming from ear to ear! Can you tell? He's still sleeping and hasn't seen himself yet, but I'll be sure to get more pictures when he does.

There's also a an audio slideshow at the bottom of the article. The direct link is if you want to take a look.

Saturday, July 16

I took the challenge... did you?

My friend posted a challenge on her blog ( and I took it! Here's my completed project.

Wednesday, July 13

little fish

After three weeks of swimming lessons, it occurred to me that I hadn't taken a single picture of Wesley in the pool. This is from yesterday's lesson. My once "I don't want to learn how to swim" whiner is now turning into a little fish. He looks forward to going to swimming every day. His favorite part of the lesson... going under water. This is the reason I put him in lessons in the first place, because he was scared to go under. Next week he will move up from the Pike class to the Super Pike level, with the same instructor. Kids and swimming! Isn't that what summer is all about?

Have a great summer day!

Saturday, July 9

in need of therapy

It's not an obsession any more... it's a disease! And it's spreading too. In just the past few days, I've heard cries of help from others, panic stricken with this same disease I suffer from. I hope you didn't catch it too!!

I know many of you have this very same disease but are too embarassed and ashamed to admit it. It's okay, really! I understand. I'm suffering from it too. Oh, I tried to get rid of it by passing it on to others, but they sent it right back to me. I tried giving it away, but it grows and spreads like a cancer. It starts with the unopened bags that sit waiting for attention. Then it moves to being sorted and added to the out of control piles already accumulated. And finally, it radiates an aura of "but what if this truly ISN'T the right project to use this with".

What is it? Paper hoarding.

Let's all join hands together and say, "My name is _________, and I am a paper hoarder!"

Saturday, July 2

a little this, a little that

Where did the month of June go? Seriously! I blinked, and it was gone. Between soccer, Wesley's birthday, a visit from the parental units, swimming lessons, kitting, kit planning, and who knows what else time just got away from me. It was "suggested" by someone (who knows who she is) that I best get something posted on my blog before "someone else" posts something for me. So, with a few minutes of down time in between projects, you all get to read my ramblings, along with a pictorial of events.

Soccer... the season is over (short season, only 5 weeks). Wesley had a blast, and learned a lot. No soccer again right now, but I'm sure there will be plenty more in the future. Here he is after his last game with his first soccer medal!

The birthday... a small cake, and some balloons. How easy can it get? That was the only request Wesley had for his 5th birthday. He didn't want a party. Didn't want a bunch of toys. Just wanted a cake and balloons (both of which he got). We spent the day at Northwest Trek. Lots of fun! Then came home to a few presents that we had to pick out ourselves since he didn't seem to know what he wanted, dinner, and cake.

The parental units.... they arrived on the 21st and left on the 28th. Oddly enough, Wesley didn't seem to be as excited to see them this time? Maybe because they were just here in April? Oh, he still had fun having them here, and got spoiled as ever. Shopping, bowling, eating out, special treats. I'm told that's what grandparents are for!

Swimming lessons... after going to a waterpark with his father, and going under water when he wasn't expecting it, Wesley became deathly afraid of the water. So, off to the YMCA for swimming lessons we went. The first lesson was almost unbearable for me. He cried and begged me to get him out of the pool. He was also sent back a level because he refused to put his head under the water. It's amazing what 2 weeks of lessons, and an understanding teacher can do for a kids confidence level. He is now going under the water, belly floating, back floating and actually looks forward to going to the pool. The next 2 week session starts on Tuesday.

Kitting... Snazzy Scraps July kits are now shipping! It was touch and go there up until the last possible minute, waiting on an order from Li'l Davis. But, they came through, and all the preordered kits went out on Friday... as scheduled.

Kit planning... are you wanting to know what's in the August kit? I'll give you a little hint. Pink and brown. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone. You're the only one's who know.

And other stuff... did you see the awesome contest Snazzy Scraps & Eclectic Scraps are co-sponsoring? Get your layouts in ladies! There are some great prizes to be won.

Today has been a day for catching up, and a day for beautifying. I will leave you with a rare treat... a picture of me and my new hair color. A girl needs something to make herself feel better some days! ;o)

I hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!!!

Monday, June 13

My mundane world

I've come to the conclusion that I lead a very mundane life! Well, I've actually known this for a long time, I'm just finally admitting it in a public forum. My days all seem to blur from one to another. And I suppose there's nothing wrong with mundane, but sometimes I guess I just wish for a little more.

I have friends who's lives seem to be full of the unexpected. One who's husband has won a seat in the World Poker Tournament next month in Las Vegas. Another who's digital designs (that I am in awe of) have given her the opportunity to be a guest speaker in a public forum talking about herself, her work, and digital design. Friends who are on multiple design teams... some for manufacturers.

Don't get me wrong! I am not feeling slighted that these wonderful things are happening to these great people. I guess sometimes I just wish there was something more than just the 'regular' in my life. Get up, read email, make the rounds at various sites, and listen to "Mommy, why do you have to work all the time?" Then feel guilty that I'm actually trying to make something out of the small little business I've started, and stop doing work to play with my son. And this is just the first day of the summer break! I don't know what I'll be thinking, or doing, or bitching about in a month.

Life is funny though. Whenever I feel like I should have it better, I hear about someone who's worse off than me. Take my neighbor for example. She died. In February. I didn't know until just last week. Why? Well, she lived a few doors up and the only meetings I ever had with her were on several occasions when she locked herself out and found me home to use my phone. She seemed like a really nice person. Same with her husband. But, with the lovely Pacific Northwest weather, many of us are not out to be seen during the winter months. So the other day, as I smoked a cigarette out front and was talking on the phone, a friend of her's came by with a flyer about donations for the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk supporting the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Natalie (my former neighbor) never had breast cancer. But, she signed up to participate in the walk because she 'wanted to make a difference'. Only she will never walk because she fell to her death over 400 feet trying to save her dog Phoebe who had fallen off the edge of a cliff. She made a difference. Phoebe is alive and well. If you are so inclined, you can make a donation to the cause by visiting, click on Seattle, WA, then 'more' under the Team Rank box, and donate to any of the members under Friends of Natalie Chambers.

Life is strange. And sometimes I feel like a stranger.

Friday, June 3

The best laid plans

Sometimes they work, and sometimes not. I guess today wasn't a total loss. I did get one (of four) loads of laundry washed and dried. Of course, it's still sitting in the dryer waiting to be folded and put away. I also got the June kits up at the LSS, though not without having to do a bunch of rearranging to make room for them. And then there's the kits that I needed to mail today. What should have been a simple task of printing a mailing label at the USPS website took me on a 4 hour adventure of having to upgrade the software they use to print them. But, those kits did get mailed... on schedule. And finally, Wesley's soccer game that was to start at 6:45. Being the last of three games on the same field, we didn't even start until 7:10 and just got home about 10 minutes ago. He had a blast, so I guess that's all that really matters.

The best news today... received my shipment of some yummy new May Arts ribbons and the gorgeous papers for the August kit (yep, I'm already planning that far ahead!). Can't wait to show it to you all!

All I can say tonight is TGIF! And have a great weekend!!

It's Friday already?

It can't be!!! Where did the week go? I feel like the more I do, the more I get behind. It just never seems to be enough anymore. Or, maybe it's just there's not enough hours in the day? Well, I guess I'll find out today since I'm up and hour and a half earlier than usual. Technically that should give me an extra hour and a half to get things done today, right? I hope so. But somehow I doubt it. Wish me luck... I'll let you know how it goes.

Saturday, May 28

The "quarter million dollar tenements"

Though I would love to take credit for this phrase, I can't. It was muttered by one of my neighbors a few weeks ago when we were commiserating about how some of the homeowners in our subdivision were maintaining their properties. We have an HOA, and a property management company (take that term very loosely), yet it seems lately that the neighborhood is going to hell.

With the lower interest rates available right now, more and more of the homeowners in our area are renting their properties. Fine... as long as you maintain an active presence as the "home owner" and make sure that the property doesn't devaluate. Weeds growing out of cracks. Grass as high as mid-thigh. Bubba and his 6 kids running amok and knocking out three panels of the back fence. I don't see any maintenence here, do you?

Which leads me to the lack of management from our new "property management" company. Our last company maintained the public/community areas. There were beautiful flowers. The planters were weed free. They also drove around and inspected the neighborhood. And, if you were in violation, you got what I fondly call a "nastygram" from them. When you wanted to make improvements on your home, you had to submit the changes and get them approved by the board. I had to jump through hoops to get my paint scheme approved when we resided and painted our house. (For those of you who don't know my color scheme... eggshell and brick red trim.) Since when is painting your garage door, the trim of your home, your front door, and even your planter boxes black part of the approved color list for the neighborhood? Management? Maintenence? Not so much!!!

So, what prompted me to complain about this today? Last night at a little after 10pm, as I was outside smoking, two cars pulled up and parked across the street in front of my neighbor's house. The one who fondly coined the phrase "quarter million dollar tenements". He was out in his garage working on the train track he's building. These teenage boys, who I know do NOT live in our neighborhood proceed to get out of their cars and "hang out". I've put up with this crap at the past two houses I've lived in, and I vowed I wouldn't put up with it again. So, I asked them if they were lost. "Nope, just waiting for someone." I told them "Not on our street you aren't. Go wait somewhere else." After some sassing and back talk from them, I assured them if they didn't leave I would "call the police to escort them to a more appropriate waiting area". After a few more nasty comments, they got in their cars and took off. Where was my neighbor? Getting a baseball bat and the phone off his wall in the garage.

The "quarter million dollar tenements"! Anyone looking for a new house? We've got some waiting for you.

Friday, May 27

Taking after his Mom

Wesley's first position in his first game of soccer... goalie! LOL A chip off the old block. Problem is... the other team barely kicked the ball past the midline, let alone anywhere near him. After playing goalie for awhile, they threw him out on the field and he ran and kicked, and kicked and ran. Even scored a goal... but they don't keep score in this league. Now if we can just get him to realize that when the ball goes out of bounds, he needs to come back to the field and let the coaches or refs get it.

Anyway, thought you might all like to see the starting goalie for the Purple Cheetahs. :o)

Image hosted by

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday... 72 years old!

He's a great man, and has overcome great obstacles in his life. Growing up without a father (my grandfather died when Dad was only 3); losing his older brother a month before I was born; losing the tip of his right thumb in a horse riding accident; having his mitral valve (heart) give out (they replaced it with a mechanical valve); losing his mother; losing his younger brother; being diagnosed with emphysema; being diagnosed with skin cancer.

He is a hard working, family man. Someone to look up to, and someone you can count on. And he's also had lots of great things happen to him. A marriage that's sustained all the obstacles for the past 42 years; raising me to be the best woman I can; finding many extended family members through years of genealogy research; one terrific grandson... and I'm sure there's many more great things to come!

Oh, sure, we've had our differences over the years, but I love this man with all my heart. So, today I just wanted to say

"Happy Birthday Dad!!! I love you!!!" Love, Mouse

Tuesday, May 24


The Plan: Sign-up Wesley for pee wee soccer. Sit in my new captains chair, basking in the sun while my highly energetic, almost 5 year old burns off some of the pent up energy.

The Outcome: What an adventure I've embarked on. The quintessential soccer mom! The first practice (last Tuesday), in the rain. The 5 hour search on Saturday for "pee wee" soccer gear leading us around town to four stores to gather all the necessities. Then, today, opening my big mouth and volunteering to be snack coordinator for the team. (No, there will not be an "approved" snack list for this team! LOL) And this is just the beginning! The first sport... the first season. What did I get myself into?

Monday, May 23

The REAL Story

Why do I refuse to blog? It's very simple, actually. I don't have enough time!

There are not enough hours in my day as it is, so until someone invents a way to make the day longer (or me more productive), chances are you will visit my blog and it will be a very quiet place. Sort of like a ghost town. Oh, I'll post new messages on occasion because I just can't stand to "start" something (even though I didn't actually start this blog!) and not finish it. And, I'm sure I'll get sucked in more and more as time goes on. But, just know that every minute I spend here, telling you things you probably don't want to hear about anyway, is time spent away from what I should really be doing.

So, now I've spent 15 minutes figuring out this whole blogging adventure, I'm off to try to accomplish what I should have been doing instead of writing this.

Have a great day! And come back often to visit. You may not find anything new to read, but at least I'll know you cared enough to check.

Sunday, May 22

I refuse to blog...

So someone else had to make this entry for me. ;)