Saturday, August 20

survival of the fittest

When life gives me lemons, I run and hide. Seriously! I go into hibernation until I can figure out what to do next. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not. This past week was a pseudo hibernation week for me. Lots to figure out. Lots of challenges thrown my way. Some I've conquered (like replacing my car battery yesterday after finding my "dead" car stuck in the garage). And some I've merely taken steps to correct. I think what bothers me more than the actual problems is the constant pressure to placate those who think they need to be involved.

As this week ends, I am looking forward to a new week... a better week. I am a survivor in this evil game we call life.

Tuesday, August 9

mr. handsome

I didn't think it was possible for my sweet, handsome boy to look any more handsome... but I was wrong! Doesn't he look wonderful?

a day to forget

I've been struggling since last week trying to work through my thoughts and feelings about today, August 9th. Somehow I know I am better off and that I have a lot too look forward to. But I can't help feeling like I'm in a funk too. Instead of being happy, I'm retrospective. I just hope the day passes quickly and without any surprises. And, if you talk to me today and I'm in a crappy mood, try not to hold it against me.

By the way, today would have been my 8th wedding anniversary.

Sunday, August 7

thurston county fair

It's summer, so that means it's fair time! Our county fair is pretty small, and only runs for 5 days, but it's still a lot of fun for a 5 year old. We were supposed to go with a friend and her boys but over the course of the past 72 hours two of the three came down with some sort of stomach bug. So, today, on the last day of the fair, Wesley and I ventured out by ourselves.

Starting with the animal exhibits we looked at pigs, goats, sheep, cows, llamas, horses, rabbits and chickens. We also hit the craft and hobbie hall, but didn't spend much time since Wesley was itching to get to the rides. There's nothing like fair grub... everything from hamburgers and BBQ to Chinese and Indian. Then there's all the yummy local farms with their wonderful treats. We settled for the standard cheeseburgers and shared an apple fritter for dessert. Yum!

Finally we headed off to the amusement area. I've always loved amusement parks and it seems Wesley is a chip off the old block. Though he wanted to ride everything, I limited him to the ones he could ride on his own. It's not because I've gotten a yellow spine in recent years, it's the cost. $1 per ticket and 3-4 tickets for each ride. Fortunately for me they had unlimited wristbands for $17. Here's a picture of Wesley riding the airplanes. He also rode the roller coaster, train, dragon spin, and ran around in the mirror maze, Indiana Jones adventure, and bouncy thingy.

The one thing I don't remember from going to the fair as a kid is the odd crowd of folk who work the fair... the carnies. Maybe it was just my naivete. Maybe it was just youth. Or maybe it's because now I'm older and wiser and know what sorts of bad things happen, even to good people. I just couldn't help eyeing each and every ride operator wondering about them. Not in a negative manner per se, but wondering what brough them to the notorius world of being a carnie. Traveling. Manual labor. Thankless job. I seem to remember wanting to be a carnie when I was younger. There was a magical spell the fair held over me. Now I wonder why?

So, the grand total of the day was...

Parking... $5
Entry to the fair... $6
Lunch... $9.50
Carnival rides... $17
Dessert... $3.50

A wonderul summer day together.... priceless!

Friday, August 5

falling asleep

I find it really hard to fall asleep some nights. And staying asleep becomes a challenge too! Especially when Wesley wakes up in the middle of the night crying. I know some of you are going through the same thing this week. And broken sleep really sucks.

What was the problem? Wesley lost his black sunglasses. He had three pairs - black, brown and some crazy looking blue ones his dad bought him. He rarely ever wears any of them, but when he does, it's the black ones. A week ago his dad took him to a carnival and he left his black sunglasses on one of the rides. By the time the realized it and went back to retrieve them, they were gone. Probably being worn by some other kid who's parents will wonder later how the black sunglasses became part of their child's wardrobe.

I was told about the loss of the sunglasses the day it happened. And, it didn't seem like a big deal to Wesley. It certainly wasn't to me since he has two other pairs. But, in the middle of the night it apparently became a BIG deal.

The solution... we went to Walmart yesterday and bought a new pair of black sunglasses.

I don't really think the sunglasses were the issue. I think his mind is whirling with thoughts of his dad leaving. (He's being deployed at the end of the month.) I'm sure the old fears of abandonment are creeping in again. If that's the case, I'm in for a long bought of nights with broken sleep.