Tuesday, December 19

Christmas shopping extravaganza

Do you want to know the best reason to go to the mall at Christmas time? It's a people watching haven. Truly. There's no better time than during the holiday season to see every walk of life come together in the same place. Especially now that the schools are on holiday break.

My past two days have been filled with shopping - at the mall, home improvement stores (as mentioned in yesterday's post), and a variety of others including drug stores, warehouse stores, and your typical mega chains. The sheer amount of people shopping is staggering. But I'm sure we'll hear after the buying season is over that retail is reporting a loss this holiday season. Isn't it always? Then what's in the bags everyone is carrying to their cars?

Anyway, I digress. The point of this post is the people you see shopping at this time of year. I love to people watch. In fact, it's much more fun for me to just sit in a mall people watching than racing from store to store shopping for things.

The one thing that's surprised me this year is just how mellow everyone seems to be. The sales people are friendly and helpful. The shoppers have smiles on their faces. And the children seem to either be very well behaved, or have very attentive parents. Never have I encountered so many people in such a small space seemingly enjoying themselves in a stress free manner. Maybe it's just that I'm not feeling any stress right now and that's given me a different perspective on things? Either way, it's been a pleasureable shopping experience. Now if I could just find the remaining few items on my list I could call it done.

I guess there's always tomorrow.


Groove said...

What the hell mall were you at? I saw more freaks today than I ever want to see again!!!

Lisa said...

Obviously the one you weren't at! hehe