Sunday, December 10

how close we are

The problem with being sick is you pretty much just sit around doing nothing all day. Just to be clear so you don't run off without reading... this is not another "I'm sick and feel like ass" post. (Cuz I'm sick of those already, and starting to feel a bit better too.) It's a reflection post on "being sick". Being sick and still having to take care of children, household chores, and myself.

I remember the times I was sick as a child. My mother would dote on me, bringing me juice and soup, warm blankets, books, and the various medications she thought would make me better (most of which were so awful tasting I thought I'd rather eat brussels sprouts than have to swallow yet another dose). My favorite memory of being sick (yes, I actually have a good memory of those times) is the smell of Vicks Vaporub. To this day, whenever I'm feeling under the weather, I open a jar of Vicks and the comforting smell envelopes me like a warm blanket.

Fast forward to the present.

Nowadays, being a single parent, being sick doesn't stop the world. It might slow it down a bit, but the basic, regular, daily activities still happen and need attention. Things like meals and snacks, homework, laundry, and the very basic spending time together. Fortunately (very fortunately) I am the mother of a wonderful, caring, supportive child who is so in tune to me and my moods.

For the first time in several years I had someone to take care of me. To a certain degree. And it felt great. Someone to bring me Kleenex before I sneezed. Someone who wanted to cover me up when I lay down to take a nap. Someone who drew pictures and get well cards to cheer me. And most important, someone who didn't complain at all that we didn't leave the house since coming home from school on Friday afternoon. It's moments like these that remind me just how close we are, and how far we've come together.

Thank you sweetpea for everything you do! I love you!

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He's a dream! :D