Friday, January 20


What a week this has been! Very long... very tiring... very little sleep.

Working from home on Monday was a total PITA. But you can read about that in the other post I made. Tuesday and Wednesday were just very long days! Lots to do and not enough time to do it all. I thought Thursday would never end between work and "service hour" commitments I have to Wesley's school. I am on the 25th Gala Auction planning committee and somehow got wrangled into procurement. After a 1.5 hour conference call with the other two procurement ladies, we are still discombobulated. I just don't understand how a school expects this much from parents... but that's another blog entry in itself. By the way, thanks to those of you who've already purchased auction raffle tickets! If you haven't purchased yours yet, email me with your order. You could win a $3,000 Disney cruise voucher! Tickets are just $10 each.

Which brings me to today. As you all know, I began working on contract at Intel in mid-November. It was supposed to be a one year contract. But, we all know what "contract" really means... we'll use you for as long as we want and that's it. Around the middle of December the shake down started. An email went out about another admin taking over my group after the first of the year and I started to panic. Every day, passing through the badge detector, I waited for that awful "beep" that comes when your badge stops working for various reasons... including deactivation. Fortunately, I haven't heard that sound come from my badge yet.

So, the holidays come and go, and still there is no more mention of what (if anything) is happening with me (the contingency worker). I start nosing around, talking to as many people as I can, and trying to make it known that I'm not ready to go yet. In fact... I would feel much better if I was offered a "permanent" position (although we all know that the word "permanent" doesn't really mean much in the grand scheme of things).

My manager (who lives and works from his home in Nashville) is a very, very busy man. But it was time for me to have my time. Since he was coming to our office for a mere 5 hours (to pick up a new laptop) I scheduled a one-on-one with him for this morning. Little did I know (at the time I scheduled it) there was a major re-org going on within our group! Yikes!! But, despite a very tight schedule, I was able to get 30 minutes of face-to-face time with him... and now I can say... whew! So far my contract is safe. There was mention of an attempt at permanency. My sleepless night last night will be filled with many zzzzzzzz's tonight.

Oh, next week doesn't look any better... and so goes the vicous cycle of the ratrace we call life.

Wednesday, January 18

and now for something completely different

I was really tired of the old, dark look of my blog, so I went pink! What do you think?

Tuesday, January 17

working from home is highly overrated

This is the first job I've had where it's okay to work from home. Almost everyone on my team works from home at least one day a week. I worked from home yesterday because Wesley didn't have school, and I don't have backup child care when the school is closed. I figured I'd be interruped a hundred times with crazy questions and requests, but since I was working from home, I had all day and all night to get things done. He was a dream!! And I am so proud of him.

I started at 6:30am. Why? I was up, didn't have to commute, so why not!? I took my obligatory "stretching" breaks that telecommuters are supposed to take, and at 3:00pm I shut down my laptop. My eyes were burning. My butt was sore from sitting. And my brain was hurting. I accomplished more in one day of working at home than I ever do going to the office. Maybe that's why they like us to work from home? Productivity! Like I said... it's highly overrated. So, today it's back to the office for me. Whew!

Wednesday, January 11

24 days and counting

Today marked the 24th consecutive day of measurable rain in the Seattle area. The record was set in 1953 with 33 days... and it's still coming down. We're all a little soggy, and actually had to cover our eyes when there were a couple of attempted sun breaks this afternoon... in between rain showers (or downpours).

In honor of the rain, my picture of the week is a friend's husband... leaving for work! Aren't you glad you aren't living in Washington?

Tuesday, January 10

rain and dirt a mudslide make

Normally my drive to work isn't bad. Once I drop off Wesley I head on up to the 109 exit to get on the Interstate. Even though I'm heading a bit out of my way, I avoid all sorts of traffic where they have stupidly built a Home Depot across the street from a Walmart, and are in the process of building a Costco next to the Home Depot.

But today, after last night's rain and winds, was a different story.

7:25 am - I left the school parking lot on my way to the Interstate. The traffic report comes on the radio and they announce there is a mudslide in the right lane of Southbound traffic of I-5. No problem (I'm thinking) since I'm on my way Northbound.

7:30 am - On the ramp at the 109 exit I see a parking lot of cars on Northbound 1-5. An ambulance is coming up behind me, so I'm assuming it's just an accident.

7:35 am - I call a friend at work to tell her I'm stuck in traffic only to find out that the stupid radio traffic report is wrong and the mudslide is in Northbound lanes. Traffic is at a crawl (and a pedestrian walking on the shoulder of the Interstate after breaking down is walking just as fast as I'm driving) and I'm getting no where fast. Almost 20 minutes later I make it to exit 111... the very exit I was trying to avoid in the first place.

Needless to say, by the time I wound my way off the Interstate, across town, and down the back roads, I hit the parking lot of my office building at 8:30 am. It was awful!

If the same happens tomorrow, I'm coming back home and working remotely for the day. Ugh!

Friday, January 6

don't miss your chance to...

ScrapForums is holding a fantastic progressive contest with some AWESOME prizes! No matter whether you're a paper or digital scrapper, you don't want to miss this one!! Check it out now.

Tuesday, January 3

shocker... two posts in one day

I know if I don't do this now, it won't get done. I was tagged at some point on some other questionnaire and never did it. Shock! So, here's this one (from Stac) so that I'm not accused of dissing any more friends.

2 names you go by: Momma and Clarice
2 parts of your heritage: Polish and Irish
2 things that scare you: spiders and death
2 things you are wearing right now: new $12 shoes (yes, I'm a cheapskate) and my new pink shirt (see previous blog entry for the story)
2 of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment): Aerosmith (thanks Stac!) and Lonestar
2 favorite songs (at the moment): Jesus Take the Wheel and Don't Want To Close My Eyes
2 things you want in a relationship (other than real love): honesty and trust
2 truths: I will survive and I am a good person
2 physical things that appeal to you (in the opposite sex): bright eyes and straight teeth (yep, same as Stac)
2 of your favorite hobbies: photography and scrapbooking (more shockers, huh?)
2 things you want really badly: for this year to be better than the last two and for Wesley to realize what a prick his father is
2 places you want to go on vacation: Australia and Egypt
2 things you want to do before you die: Winnebago across the United States with my son (yes, this is why we are friends Stacie... so many similarities!) and raise a happy, and healthy son
2 ways that you are stereotypically a dude/chick: major PMS and cry at sappy movies
2 things you are thinking about now: hoping that I become a permanent Intel employee and how out of the loop I am from my online friends-I miss you guys!
2 stores you shop at: Starbucks and Walmart
3 people you would like to see take the quiz? Teri, Becky and Jessica.

thinking pink

As my life has taken me in a different direction this past year, my clothes have gone through a semi-metamorphosis as well. While black still remains my favorite color (even though it isn't really a color at all, but the absence of color) by choice I introduced green. Not drab green... vibrant, lime green. Then there was orange (at the insistance of Wesley). Shades of red and brown have also always been staples. But pink? I am NOT pink! Or am I??? Apparently this year I am.

During my most recent shopping trip to Walmart, after filling the cart with items for Wesley, I ventured to the clothing department to see if I might find something... anything... And what do I buy? A pink shirt!! Solid pink. Pastel even.

This is DEFINITELY going to be a different year for me.

Monday, January 2

out with the old, and in with the new...

I can only hope that this year will be better than last!

Though I don't make resolutions anymore, I know there are things that I need to do in this new year to make it better than the last. So, I've decided on the following:

- I refuse to let ANYONE take what little self esteem I have left and trample it any longer! I know I am a good person who puts other's needs in front of my own. If it's not enough for some, then maybe it's time for them to reflect on their own actions.

- I refuse to be bullied! I, and only I, am responsible for my actions. I take full responsibility for the good, the bad and the indifferent that I do. When suggestions are given, I will weigh them carefully... but there are no guarantees that I will take them. I will make the decisions that I feel are the best for me.

- I will not be mislead! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

- I will continue to work hard to provide for myself and my son! I am worth it, he is worth it, and together we will be stronger.

- I will survive! In my own way, in my own time, I will make my way. It won't be your way... it will be MY way.

With that said, I wish you all a very Happy New Year! Good health. Good fortune. And the best year you can have!!