Friday, December 8

another iTunes game

Open iTunes (or whatever program you have your music stored in) to answer the following:

total number of tracks - 1154 (this doesn't include the other 858 tracks I haven't imported from Windows Media Player)

sort by song title, first song on the list - 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins

top 10 most played songs:
  1. All the Same by Sick Puppies
  2. Anything But Ordinary by Avril Lavigne
  3. Lips of an Angel by Hinder
  4. You Get Me by Michelle Branch
  5. Ever the Same by Rob Thomas
  6. Fix You by Coldplay
  7. Clocks by Coldplay
  8. Tell Me Everything by Collapsis
  9. Breathing by Lifehouse
  10. Bitch by Meredith Brooks

first five songs that comes up on shuffle
  1. How Could You Want Him by Spin Doctors
  2. Woman to Woman by Joe Cocker
  3. Bigger Than My Body by John Mayer
  4. On Your Side by Pete Yorn
  5. Charlotte Sometimes by The Cure

how many songs come up when you search:
sex - 1
love - 42
you - 119
death - 1
hate - 0
wish - 5

1 comment:

Stacie said...

Interesting. I'm not surprised of the top played songs, at all. Not even a teensy bit, LOL.
Cool stuff, lady.