Thursday, December 21

Thursday Thirteen - Round 10

Thirteen Things I’d Grab If I Only Had 15 Minutes to Evacuate the House
(people and pets not included)

1. cell phone
2. camera
3. scrapbooks
4. framed photos
5. WJ’s “friends” (aka stuffed animals)
6. computer
7. purse
8. clothes
9. prescriptions
10. portable DVD player
11. DVDs
12. sleeping bags
13. and pack it all in the car


HuheyGroove said...

Evacuate from what? Where's the food and smokes? Forget the cell phone, they'll stop working after 12 hours if the shit hits the fan!

Lisa said...

If I've got the car, I can charge the phone from there and drive to get food and smokes. :P

Groove said...

Not the phone....the towers....

Lisa said...

Bah, whatever!!