Saturday, December 9

simply saturday

I am still sick. Therefore, I haven't a creative thought in my head. Nor have I done much of anything today.

The only thing I accomplished (that I've been needing to take care of for awhile now) was filling in all the questionaires/forms for the new government hiring website. Before October 1st, when you wanted to apply to a government job opening you had to fill out individual job applications, hiring questionaires, etc. for each and every department. As of October 1st they streamlined the system so that all of your information is in one central database that is accessed by all state agencies. You still have to search job openings and submit for specific jobs of interest, but by releasing your profile you make your name available to recruiters as they search for candidates to fill vacant positions.

The process was a total PITA. Approximately 2 hrs into it I clicked on the next window button and it took me back to the start. Since I'm feeling like ass and didn't really want to mess with this today anyway (but knew I needed to) I completely lost it. Stomped upstairs (almost in tears), took a hot, hot shower, spent some time reading with WJ, then took a nap. When I came back to figure out what the hell went wrong I realized it was a system glitch, but not a fatal one. All the info I'd already entered was still there. Whew!

Anyway, the good news is I'm now in the system. I also found three jobs to apply to which means I've met my unemployment requirement for the week and can start filing for that again. Now if I can just start getting some interviews. Keep your fingers crossed.

After all that, I need a beer. Cheers!

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Stacie said...

My fingers are always crossed for ya, girl!