Thursday, December 21

Merry Christmas! But not really

Wasn't I just telling you about how mellow and friendly everyone seems to be during this holiday season? I guess I jinxed myself. Not everyone is mellow and friendly. And apparently they feel the need to share their "bah humbug" with the rest of us.

Yesterday afternoon after filling up the gas tank, I popped over to the Starbuck's just across the parking lot. They're located at the far end of a strip mall and parking (right in front of the store, not anywhere else in the stip mall) is at a premium. So, when I saw someone backing out I smiled at my good fortune, pulled in, and got out of the car to go get my fix. While crossing the drive area in front of the store a large white SUV rolled past. I happened to look up and make eye contact with the passenger and found her glaring at me. Not just staring out the window with a disgusted look. Truly glaring at me. Like if she could shoot daggers out her eyes they'd be headed straight for me. I couldn't figure why that look would be meant for me, so I dismissed it.

After meeting up with a friend (already inside), we took our coffee outside and stood chatting for a little while. While we were laughing and talking and enjoying our special brews, a woman neither of us has ever seen before walks up.

Her: I just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas!
Me: (surprised) Well, thank you!

I was pretty shocked that a complete stranger, one that I hadn't had any interaction with at all, was wishing me good tidings. But wait! She wasn't really.

Her: I guess you didn't see my SUV sitting in the parking lot with the blinker on waiting for the parking space you just whipped into after going around me?
Me: (totally shocked now that a seemingly nice conversation was nothing more than an opening to slamming me against a wall) No, I truly didn't. I'm sorry!
Her: Uh huh! Sure.

With that, she walked away leaving friend and I dumbfounded.

I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt that her caffeine level was at a seriously low level right then. Otherwise I'd just have to bitch about how some people should just put a sock in it.


Liss said...

And I thought you were going to bitch about some people's kids!

I can't believe that woman...i'll have to remember to do something like that the next time someone pisses me off ;p

Groove said...

Was it rock star parking too??? hehe

Lisa said...

It was as close to rock star parking as they had there. LOL