Thursday, December 7

HO HO HO... it's the Santa parade

The Santa parade was here! What's the Santa parade, you ask? It's volunteers from our local police department who cruise the streets of our city's subdivisions spreading the joy of Christmas.

Grandpa Jerry and his Granddaughter

Every Christmas Santa rides around in an old fire truck adorned with holiday cheer playing Christmas music and belting out the traditional "HO HO HO... Merry Christmas!" He's escorted by two volunteer police cars and a host of children and adults passing out candy canes. This is our 6th year seeing them parade down our street.

The Big Guy

It's the one time during the winter months that the whole neighborhood comes out. And it's the one event that usually signals the start of the holiday season for me. Seeing the excitement and joy in the kids eyes is incredible. Even the big kids... like me.


Anonymous said...

That's cool!

Do the police arrest the naughty kids?

Lisa said...

That'd be a pretty good ploy, eh? Lure them out with Santa then throw the cuffs on and haul them away. LOL

Stacie said...

Wow, what a wonderful tradition. I'm so glad that you got WJ out to see it in time!