Sunday, December 17

almost ready

I figured I'd better get a post up this morning before things start to get hectic around here. We're picking up the Rents today. They'll be here for the next two weeks, so my blogging time (and computer time in general) will be at a minimum.

Yesterday was spent playing catch up (again!) after having been without power for over 24 hours. It's truly amazing all the normal, everyday stuff you cannot do without power. Aside from computer time and TV time I mean. Things like laundry, vacuuming, running the dishwasher. Hell, even taking a shower. My neighbor pointed out that it (electricity) is really what separates us from the 19th century. I have to agree.

This morning we're almost ready. Just a few last minute things to take care of before heading to the airport. Blogging being one of them.

Before all the weather related setbacks, WJ had his Christmas program (Thursday night). It was the usual singing of Christmas songs by each of the classes. Off key. Off beat. But cute all the same. I tried to get pics of WJ singing, but every time he'd look at me with the camera aimed his direction, he'd look away before I could snap the pic. I couldn't believe it. My "camera hound" kid had suddenly turned shy. So, the only pics I actually got that are worth a damned are the one's I took before the performance.
The first one is Mrs. Farrimond (our school principal) and WJ. The second is WJ and "the two Jacks".

The most disappointing thing about losing power was missing school on Friday. WJ's class was to perform a play after mass, and he had a speaking part that he'd been preparing for all week. They were also supposed to have their Christmas party and ornament exchange. Plus, the books I'd ordered at the last minute were supposed to be there for pick up. I called his teacher yesterday to see if by some chance she'd gotten them, but no. The post office is still without power. Then she told me about the damage at school. Our classroom had a tree branch come through the roof... right over her desk. Thankfully (she said) she'd moved all of the children's things to a bookshelf on the other side of the room, but she lost some of her stuff due to water damage. The computer lab and science lab also sustained damage. It all sucks! I'm just happy the kids weren't at school when it happened.
Well, that brings you up to date for now. I gotta run and finish up some stuff around here. Enjoy your Sunday!

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Eclectic said...

That boy of yours is looking more and more grown up everytime I see a picture of him, which is not often enough, Sis!!

Hope you have a blessed week with your parents!