Monday, December 18

tree fun

There are definitely pros and cons to waiting until the week before Christmas to get your Christmas tree and other assorted holiday paraphenalia. I know because I spent half the day today running from store to store looking for these items.

  • Christmas trees are 50% off at Lowe's right now
  • Holiday lights are 33% off at Rite Aid
  • Christmas tree stands (that Lowe's didn't have and sent us to Target for and they didn't have that we ended up at Rite Aid for) are 50% off right now

  • You might have to wait awhile for the guys at Lowe's to get the chainsaw fixed so they can trim the bottom of your tree and wrap it up for you to take home (apparently they need to fix the one chainsaw they have... I guess they don't know a store that sell more)
  • What happened to the old fashioned tree stand? The sturdy, small ones that could be easily hidden by a tree skirt? The damn stands are enormous these days.
  • Speaking of tree skirts, they cost a mint ($40) and since they're buried under the mountain of stockings that have fallen off the display wall chances of them actually being bought are slim to none
All just more reason I walk into my garage year after year, unbox, set up, and decorate the tree. But it was fun... just this once. Thankfully Christmas comes just once a year!

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