Wednesday, January 31

six things you probaby don't know (or care) about me

I was tagged with this meme by the weirdgirl and I'm supposed to tell you six things you don't know about me. Although there's hundreds of things you don't know (or care) about me, it's really hard to come up with six of them. Well, six interesting ones at least. So, here we go...

1. The first concert I went to was to see Shawn Cassidy. It was the late 70's, and he was the major teen idol. If going to see him isn't funny enough, I actually flew from California to Chicago to do it. Yep! My parents stuck me on a plane (my first time flying alone) and off I went to hear "Da Do Ron Ron" and "Morning Girl" over the screams and crying of thousands of other crazed teen girls.

2. I was a football fanatic. Is it any wonder why my kid is too? My first favorite team was the Miami Dolphins - because they had 'pretty' uniforms. Then I grew up and picked a real team - the San Francisco Forty Niners. My dad had season tickets and every home game we'd be there cheering them on. If you know anything about football in the 80's, you know about "The Catch". I was there, sitting six rows up from the field, at the endzone where the infamous catch was made. Even twenty-five years later I'm still in awe.

3. I used to travel, a lot. Both my parents worked for major airlines and we definitely took advantage of the perks. On one trip home from England, Whitesnake happened to be on my flight. They were heading to the US on tour, and I had tickets to see them just two weeks later. We were flying on a 747 and I was sitting in the upper cabin. At one point during the flight, David Coverdale came upstairs to 'relieve himself' and we started chatting. A few minutes into our conversation his wife at the time, Tawny Kitaen, came screaming through the airplane, looking for him, thus ending our blissful time together. I later found out that she was deathly afraid of flying, had been given a sedative just before boarding the plane, and had woken up finding him gone and freaked out. Bitch!

4. I don't wear skirts or dresses. I'm a jeans girl! I can dress 'em up, go casual, or completely bummy. The versatility is endless!

5. I used to be afraid of public speaking. No more. I was cured by being forced with five minutes notice to present a website rebuild I'd done to a crowd of over 200 telecommunications industry leaders. The 7 & 7's waiting for me at the end of the presentation were good motivation!

6. I too (like the weirdgirl) was on a runaway horse but don't remember how old I was. Maybe 8 or 9? We'd come to Washington to visit family and my cousin took me out riding. It was shortly before feeding time, and my horse was begrudgingly sauntering out to the back pasture. When we got to the property line and turned the horses around, my horse knowing we were heading back to the stable where his dinner awaited took off galloping across the field, faster and faster. I held on as tight as I could, laughing hysterically the entire way. It was then I realized how much of a speed fanatic I am, but that story will have to wait for a future meme.

So there you have it. Six things you probably didn't know (or care) about me. Now I get to tag six others to share their stories. How about Stacie, Creative-Type Dad, that Lesley girl, Norman, Liss, and Groove (even though he probably won't do it cuz he doesn't like to share anything too personal about himself).


And I can't leave you without today's Joke of the Day...

Personnel Director: So if you get this job, who should we notify in case of an accident?
Stupid Steve: A good doctor.


creative-type dad said...

Whitesnake - Sweet! That's so cool--I would put that on a t-shirt (really, I would...)

I've done this meme:
Five Things You Didn't Know About Me (And Some That May Scare You…)

Steven Novak said...

The first concert I ever went to was an Aerosmith concert.

A girl treid to set my leg hair on fire with a lighter. ;)


Stacie said...

My first concert (since this seems to be the theme of the comments section) was Van Halen. :D

I tried to set someone's leg hair on fire with a lighter. No, just kidding! hehehehe

I can't believe you tagged me. WTF can I talk about, eh?

the weirdgirl said...

Nice list! You handled your horse incident better than I did. Keen is totally impressed that you were at The Catch. I think meeting Whitesnake is pretty cool.

Groove said...

I might....6 things you wish I'd have kept to myself should do it....

You're goddamn right I never get toooo personal when I blog. Haven't you ever seen The Matrix? Brazil? THX1138? UltraViolet? Sheesh....we're one more fucked up Congress away that I WILL move to Montana.

Lisa said...

creative-type dad: Only if it's a fitted little t-shirt. The big one's are too boxy. LOL

Steve: Oooh! Aerosmith! That's one I missed and wish I hadn't. Burning hair reeks!

Stacie: You have plenty to talk about. Who are you kidding?

weirdgirl: The Catch and Whitesnake were both awesome!

Groove: Just wait! More heading your way.

Jenn from WA said...

OMG - I totally had a Shawn Cassidy SATIN jacket...his head was painted on the back. I was the shit, I tell ya. I begged my mom for it...BEGGED for it. Then promptly grew out of it. Dammit.