Thursday, February 1


So it appears the day's almost gone, and since I have nothing to say today other than I was a total moron yesterday and twisted my ankle after stepping into a pothole thus throwing my body into a forward motion and landing hard on my left knee and elbow which are now subsequently fucked up, you're stuck with the following Joke of the Day.

Mrs. Treemont: What is your son Junior going to be when he graduates from high school?
Blanche: About 30.

Yes, stupid. But just remember, I'm not writing them. Just sharing them.


Stacie said...


creative-type dad said...


I had a friend in H.S. that was in college (full-time) from 18 through 30. After he graduated, he went to grad school (full-time). That was 6 years ago.

Terri said...

Hey Chica! I had a hard drive crash & lost everything! Please email me so we can chat! I miss you!!!


Jessica B. said...

ouch! (((hugs)))