Thursday, January 4

Thursday Thirteen - Round 12

Thirteen Things I'd Like to Do in 2007

1. Get a job! (really, I need one. this is getting ridiculous!)
2. Pay down my credit cards (obviously I'll need a job first)
3. Start working out again (ever since I got laid off, I haven't been doing much in the way of exercise. are we sensing a theme here?)
4. Travel back East to see Stacie & Liss (it's about time... dontcha think?)
5. Get rid of the Mazda (yeah yeah... shoulda done that last year!)
6. Do some housepainting (all the white walls are making me feel like I live in a sanitarium)
7. Get the fourth bedroom cleaned out once and for all (and not use it anymore as a dumping ground for shit I don't know what to do with)
8. Go to Vegas (in March!)
9. Get a tattoo (my birthday present to myself)
10. Take WJ to Disneyland (it's time to share the magic!)
11. Read lots of books (I'm so happy I started reading again!)
12. See the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie (at the theater)
13. Continue blogging (because when I get busy with other stuff, it's one of the first things that I slack on)


Jessica B. said...

You have ambition! Good luck! :D
I'm getting a tattoo soon, but I can't decide WHERE.

Stacie said...

Whay is it "back East"? I've never heard "front West"? :)
Get your ass over here, lady!!
You do live in a sanitrium--at least that's what your other voices tell me...
Tattoo, eh? Of what and where?

Lisa said...

Sis - come out here in April and we'll do it together! :D

trouble - it's Western "front" you goof!! :P i working on it... really i am. i'm going with the ass, but not sure what yet. any ideas?