Thursday, January 18

oh, the weather outside is...

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but...

It's raining!!! YAY!!!

After a week of snow and ice and school closures, we are FINALLY back to our normal weather pattern. Including rain. Halleluia! Of course, if the rain keeps up for too many days, I'll start bitching about it again, but for now, I'm thrilled.

In other news, it's been a week now since my interview with state agency. No calls. No emails. No form letters. Nada. This could be going one of two ways. After the first interview she said there would be a second round. They'd hoped to have that second round this week, but with Monday being a federal holiday it might not be until next week. So, maybe they haven't scheduled them yet? More than likely, however, they've scheduled the second round and I just haven't heard anything because I'm not being invited back for the second round. That's just the way my job search seems to be going right now. We'll see.

Interestingly enough, I found out on Tuesday that there's an opening at corporate computer giant. Of course I jumped all over that one, submitting my resume and contacting my former manager. She put in a sparkling recommendation. And my super sleuth friend, Groove, is keeping his ears open as well. I was asked to send my info directly to the hiring managers and am now in the pool waiting to hear something. Seems like I do a lot of waiting!

Well, that's the news of the day. Nothing earthshattering. And now, I'm off to get the little man to school and me a desparately needed haircut. Never know what style I might be sporting by this afternoon given the mood I'm in lately. Stay tuned to find out.

[UPDATE: I emailed state worker to ask about the second round interviews. They haven't been scheduled, so there may be hope yet.]


creative-type dad said...

If you get a mowhawk, take a picture... :)

Liss said...

still keeping all extremities crossed for you Girl!