Tuesday, January 9

damn storm isn't even here yet and already the crooks are out

Apparently some people are either very stupid or very selfish. Feeling entitled even.

I headed up to bed around 10:20pm after watching the weather. Another big storm is on the way - this one supposedly bringing snow and another cold front. By 10:45pm it was clear I wasn't going to fall to sleep any time soon, so I got back up and came down to putz on the computer. At midnight I was finally ready for sleep, stopped out in the garage for a quick smoke (yes, I know I need to quit, so no lectures please!), and when I walked in the house the phone was ringing.


Turned out to be my neighbor across the street.

Around the time I got back out of bed, he heard what sounded like footsteps on his roof and quiet talking over his garage. While sneaking around the house investigating he spotted two people in his back yard - one male, one female - dressed from head to toe in all black. He called the cops. Of course by the time they arrived, the crooks were gone.

After the last winter storm neighbor went out and bought a generator. With two small children at home he didn't want to be stuck without power again. He was storing the generator on the back patio. Probably not the best place to store it, but with both gates padlocked I guess he figured no one would be able to get to it.

Obviously the crooks don't want to be without power again either.

Needless to say, it was a long night.


Melissa said...

OMG that's insane. You should keep all shades pulled tight and all doors and windows locked (and garage) to keep said intruders away.

That is super scary...do you have a neighborhood watch? might be a good thing to start up...i know how you love to organize those things ;)

Groove said...

This is why when I run the generator it's locked down. If the power goes out if it's on, I'm laying the smackdown. I'm not dumb enough to let it run dry. On top of that, I never run it at nite. If you can't survive 8 hours without power you're a retard.

As to "Neighbor" storing that outside, he's an idiot. Granted a genset weighs 200-400 pounds, if someone wanted it, they'd get it.

Sorry, this is just insane. Though I've noticed with all the weather related nonsense as of late, I've not read ONE child molestor story.