Monday, January 22

how the hell is it Monday already?

What did I do all weekend that I didn't even have time to blog? The answer is nothing. Nothing at all. Well, not really nothing. But that's neither here nor there. Here it is. Monday. The start of a new week. My "to do" list is getting longer so I thought I'd better at least pop on here and say "hey" before I wake up and it's Friday already.

So, borrowing a phrase from Chag, here's some stuff only I care about. (If you haven't read Cynical Dad yet, go now and check it out. Seriously. This can wait until you come back as it truly is stuff only I care about.)

Work Watch
Going into the second week of waiting to hear whether I'll get a call back from state agency for a second interview. I have to tell you. Waiting sucks. I can't possibly imagine why I wouldn't get a call back on this one, but hell. I've thought that way before and been slammed. Also counting the days till the end of open filing for the spot at corporate computer giant. Again, assuming they aren't just fishing, or that someone internally doesn't jump on this one, I can't imagine why I wouldn't at the very least get a call. Again though. We wait. Oh, and one more thing to wait for, but this one is worth it. Finally got my UI claim restarted and should be getting a check this week. We'll see.

Get Out the Party Hats
No. For those of you who really know me, this isn't another pity party. Sheesh! Give me some credit. Today is WJ's un-birthday party at school. Yeah. The shitter about having a summer birthday. And being that his half birthday was right in the middle of Christmas vacation, here we are on some random Monday in January celebrating his un-birthday at school. What this means for me is I have to make banana muffins. Yes, you read right, banana muffins. My kid doesn't like cake, or cupcakes. He likes homemade banana muffins. Whatever. I'll do it. He'll be happy. Enough said. Hey! Speaking of party hats, have you looked at the counter lately? We're in the eighties now. 86 days! Woohoo!!

Quarter Million Dollar Tenements
With all the supposedly perceived potential break-ins across the street, neighbors have officially vacated. The "for rent" sign went up this weekend. This could go either way. Though previous neighbors were nice enough, some of the shit that was going on over there (or supposedly going on over there) during the past few months is now over. Done. Gone. This is a good thing. Problem is who might move in. It sucks having rentals around the neighborhood. You'd think with the cost of the homes in this area (yes, I've seen a recent valuation thanks to someone not taking into account that a personal follow-up might happen) the rentals wouldn't stay rentals for long. First, the owners could sell and run in this area. Not as quickly as a few months ago, but still. And, second, if you're going to pay that much in rent, why the hell don't you just go out and buy a house. At least then you have something of your own.

Okay, that's it for this morning's stuff only I care about. Time to get this week rolling. Happy Monday ya'll!


creative-type dad said...

We just got our first renters on our street - it's driving all of us crazy!

And they're not even nice people. They're crazy a-holes who park all over the place 3 feet from the curb and their punk ass kid plays drums at 11pm while the dad's hoochie girlfriend is out back smoking crack or dog.

The dude is a porn producer too. And we wonder - why doesn't he just buy a house in Van Nuys?

Groove said...

I'll have to blog on all the asshole renter's we've had in the two rentals down the street. Yes, why do they park in the yard?

Liss said...

Banana Muffins??? you have one strange kid! JK

My birthday is coming up, I would like a batch of soft chocolate chip cookies hold the chocolate chips ;)

Still keeping everything crossed for you, you know my company is hiring, i could always put in a good word for you. It would of course mean moving to Maryland ;)

Lisa said...

Tony & Groove - All I can say on the renter subject is good-bye! Don't even get me started on the renters that lived behind us in Arizona. 16 yo renting a two-story 4 bedroom house. Um, let's think about this!! Can you say slumlord property manager?

Liss - He's mine... all mine! :P

Stacie said...

I want banana muffins, too, please. Just for fun.

Oh, and at least you don't have to worry about Aunt Jasmine...LOL