Friday, January 26

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The past couple of days I've been really productive. Not sure what bit me in the ass, but I'm going with it. Or at least I was until last night.

See, there's this little thing I might have mentioned once or twice before. I need a job! What? You didn't hear me? I need a job!! Yeah, we're back to that again. Actually, we never left, but I'm sure you get tired of hearing me complain about it as much as I get tired of bringing it up.

Never heard back from state agency after the last we haven't scheduled second round interviews yet email. Uh huh. Well, the first round was two weeks ago, so I'm pretty sure that one's in the toilet now. Submission deadline for corporate computer giant is today, so now I start the panicky jump every time the phone rings hoping it's a call for an interview feeling again.

In the meantime, I keep looking. Surfing the web. Printing out job descriptions. Filling out applications. I've reworked my resume and cover letter again, because let's face it there's obviously something they just aren't seeing that's really important to them. I wish I knew what it was.

Anyway, so back to yesterday. I finished the updates, had my stack of job reqs in front of me, and started going through collecting the various information each requires for its application process. Typically it's the standard cover letter, resume, references, and most times (government) an application. Let me share with you the application process I encountered in yesterday's stack:

In order to be considered for this position, all applicants must submit the following:
  1. A cover letter that clearly describes how your experience and education have prepared you for the duties of this position and the requirements listed on this announcement. CHECK - tweeked the letter to include key words from the announcement
  2. A resume that provides clear, detailed information about your job-related education and experience. CHECK - just reworked that one!
  3. A certificate with your typing speed and accuracy. What the? Ok. Not to worry. I can get one of those.
  4. The names of three or more professional references including contact information and a statement from you granting permission to contact them. CHECK
  5. Three or four writing samples demonstrating your ability to write clearly, concisely, with proper grammer and spelling.
Writing samples? They want writing samples? This isn't for a technical writing position. This is a damn administrative job announcement. Since when am I supposed to have a portfolio of writing samples to whip out? Ok, let's think about this. Cover letter. Writing sample. Resume. Writing sample. Beyond that the only writing I've got is email or blog writing. Uh, yeah. Not. So. Much.

There you have it. It's no wonder I can't find a damn job with obscure requests like that. Now if they'd asked me to create a scrapbook for them, I'd have had it sealed.


creative-type dad said...

Send them the blog. I'm sure they'll enjoy that.

It's better than having a MySpace page. We've interviewed people at my job only to find out they're total freaks with midgets in hot tubs and junk like that.

Groove said...

This has been discussed at length. If I was interviewing a RCG/Anyone and they mentioned their Blog/Myspace/Homepage as reference to their skills, that resume would hit the vertical file faster than my pop can.

U either have skillz or u don't.

Though the verifiable amount of measureable skills wanted to prescreen a canidate is inversely proportional to the pay/glamor/room to move up that the job offers.

My $.02

Lisa said...

Tony - Nah! It's too boring.

Groove - Yeah yeah! I hear ya!

Liss said...

I'd be happy to submit your resume to my corporate giant...they may have openings over there on your side of the country...just a thought ;)

Stacie said...

midgets in hot tubs ????