Saturday, January 13

somewhere between childhood and becoming an adult

At some point on the road of parenting you expect to have conversations with your children about being a parent. Not at the age of six and a half (the "half" being very important to acknowledge to this six year old)!

The other day, while driving WJ to school, he was in a chatty mood. Normally he's quiet on the morning drives - one of the very few times he's quiet all day long. Our drive is only 10 minutes long so we don't usually get into deep conversations, but on this morning (after having been forced to be home for two days because apparently "some" people live too far from school to be able to get there safely when there's a mere 2" of snow on the ground) he chose to talk about parenting.

"When I am a father I will drive my children to school and pick them up too."

"Uhm... maybe," I mumbled.

"I don't know whether I'll have more than one or just one kid though," he continued.

"....." (Huh? I'm trying to concentrate on looking for ice patches on the roadway and he's talking about having kids???)

"And I don't know what I'll name them either."

Peering in the rear view mirror and seeing him lost in thought, looking out the side window, I say, "Well, you have a long time to think about that."


As I've later been informed by another parent of the male species, he won't have to worry about the naming. I think I'll leave that discussion for sometime in the very distant future.

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creative-type dad said...

Yikes! When I was 6 (not quite "half" yet) I was more into GI Joe and riding my Bike.

But I did have names for my future kids picked out! Cobra, Snake Eyes, and Bob.