Thursday, January 11

day of complete insanity

School closed. AGAIN. Only one in the entire district and surrounding districts. What crap! Public school is looking more and more appealing.

Another possible house break in. Same house. Same black from head to toe clad thugs. Thankfully they're moving so hopefully they'll take their thugs with them.

Interview is done. Now the wait starts to hear if I get a call back for round two - maybe to be done next week, or possibly the week after. They "hope" to have a decision made by the end of the month.

Also got a call from the contract place for an opening back up at computer company I worked at last year. Resume submitted, so we'll see if there's an interview to follow.

So that's my day. Now that the insanity is done it's time to de-stress and grab a cold one.


Groove said...

U knocked 'um dead. Have another :)

Lisa said...

TYFT! Cheers!!