Wednesday, November 15

Thursday Thirteen - Round 5

Not feeling all that creative this week, but know I have a ton of shit to get done. So, I give you...

Thirteen Things I Need to Do to Get Ready for Christmas

1. Finish shopping (off to a good start, so must not fall behind)
2. Get the tree up DONE
3. Put up the outside lights DONE
4. Check for lighted lawn decorations at Walmart DONE
5. Write Christmas letter (this is a big maybe!)
6. Address Christmas cards
7. Buy stamps to mail said Christmas cards DONE
8. Remember to pick up wreaths on Dec 1st DONE
9. Decorate the living room/family room DONE
10. Wrap presents
11. Mail presents
12. Buy teacher gift
13. Mentally prepare for WJ being gone the weekend before Christmas through Christmas day

1 comment:

Stacie said...

Good list, and I like the new look of the blog.