Tuesday, November 7

anyone up for the Bahamas?

I seriously need a vacation! A real vacation too. Not going to see family. Not even going to visit friends. I'm talking about going somewhere sunny and warm, with sprawling beaches, crystal blue waters, and HOT scantily clad waiters delivering umbrella capped drinks. Thats. What. I. Need.

Yesterday was completely insane. It started with yet another visit to the dentist for WJ (3rd in two months - kid's got cavities galore). What should have been an easy fix was met with fear and tears. Not surprising after the last two visits. Funny thing about going to this dentist is it's the hygenist that does all the *yucky* stuff. So WJ really *likes* the dentist... just not the poor hygenist. Then it was off to school for him, and home for me to try to recruit the last of the volunteers needed for our school Emergency Call Tree System. Between working on that, talking on the phone, and getting the kitchen cleaned up I was ready for a nap. But no! There's more.

After picking up WJ and coming home to what I thought was going to be a quiet night, as I'm talking on the phone with a friend, the neighbor's 13 year old son comes over and tells me, "My Dad needs you to call him." So I get off the phone, call the dad, and find him in a panic. He's stuck in traffic (and trying to get around flooded streets) and his kids are stranded at daycare. So, I tell another friend that I'm IMing with *I gotta go!* and we jump in the car to rescue the kids. Think I'm done? Nope. There's. More.

Now it's going on 6:00pm, I call the friend I was IMing, make WJ some dinner, and sit down to relax. In the middle of dinner WJ tells me his mouth is sore. He says it hurts to open, so I figured it was just from having his jaw held open for so long at the dentist. He finishes his dinner (after I cut it in small pieces so he doesn't have to open is mouth so big) and when he's done I look at him. His bottom lip is huge! We're talking *someone who wants to have Botox injections is very jealous of him right now* huge. So, again, we jump in the car, this time heading for the Safeway pharmacy. The pharmacist recommends either Oragel or Benedryl, so I take the Oragel and head home. (After stopping at Bux to pick up a grande non-fat pumpkin spice latte with light whip.)

Now I've got two voicemail messages, make my return calls, gel up the kid, then sit to read with him before bedtime. I come back downstairs to find two friends IMing me, chat with them for awhile, and now it's 9:00pm. How. The. Hell. Is. It. Nine? I say goodnight, eat some dinner (yes, at 9:00pm - when else did I have time?), then plop in front of the tube. Back to IM and surfing a bit later, and at 11:30pm my head flops on the pillow and I'm out.

Oh, and did I mention I'm PMSing right now?

I. Seriously. Need. A. Vacation!


Stacie said...

What a crazyass night you had, girl!

All I have to say is that you sure are a good friend to that neighbor. Wish I had neighbors like you.

Jessica B. said...

Good grief. Sounds like a mess of a night. But 11:30? I would love to konk out every night at 11:30.

A beach vacation sounds refreshing. ;)