Saturday, November 4

is anybody out there?

Okay, let me just say this is NOT a plea for comments or anything! That would sound whiney... and I certainly wouldn't want to be accused of doing that. Pfffft!!!

But seriously. I know there are three of you who read my blog updates. How? Because you leave me comments. Of course sometimes they're just taunts, or evil thoughts. But whatever! At least I know you've been here.

But after agreeing to join Stacie in the NaBloPoMo posting frenzy, I'm seriously wondering if it's even worth it? I mean most of the stuff I post about YOU already know! I'm sure there are lurkers out there reading, but since my posts have become mostly gibberish, I'm thinking it may be time to "move on". (Speaking of which... I'm still debating on moving over to WordPress. Seems to be a lot more user friendly, from what I can tell.)

Anyway, just wondering.

But not whining!


Stacie said...

I didn't know about :could be: until I read it here...

Liss said...

What is this NaBloPoMo??? I'm intrigued...I'm back btw...I'll try to get pictures out before next weekend, but it might take me that long.

I'll try to give you a call one night this week.

And I always read your blog...i just lurk sometimes ;)

Jessica B. said...

Whining runs in the family you know. ;)