Friday, November 10

fork around friday

I have a shitload of stuff I need to get done. But it's Friday. So guess what? It's not getting done. I've decided to fork around instead.

Day started with little Miss Stacie waking my ass at 0830. Thanks chica! Has it been 5 minutes yet???

After a pot of coffee, blog chasing and forking around on the phone and IM, I warmed up. This put me after 1100. Trying to figure out WTH to blog about and getting useless suggestions from my evil duo, more forking around, and needing food I decided it's too late to do anything but fork around and babble about nothing so I can fulfill my NaBloPoMo requirement for the day.

Blasted wind and rain are back again. And, NO, the damn vent isn't blocked. But the towels are down to catch the steady stream of water I'm sure is forthcoming.

On the playlist right now:
All the Same - Sick Puppies
Anything But Ordinary - Avril Lavigne
Lips of an Angel - Hinder
Ever the Same - Rob Thomas
You Get Me - Michelle Branch
Only One - Lifehouse
Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton
Fix You - Coldplay

Need to head to Safeway to stock up on the essentials in preparation for the flood. Got pizza and ice cream. Oh, and cheesecake filling. Yum!! Beer and wine at the top of the list. (Groove, get the ark!)

Enough random blather for now. Maybe some drunkin forking blather later... if you're lucky!


Stacie said...

I said I was sorry!!! LOL

Lisa said...

No worries! You gave me something to blog about. LOL

Liss said...

you need to add Miss Murder by AFI to your fact, if you want i can suggest a whole list of new tunes for you ;) i could even send them to you.

Sometimes there's nothing better than forking around you know?