Friday, November 17

in theory

Apparently (not to be confused with frankly) I can't do anything simply! I always have to take the tough road. Most times it all works out okay though. But sometimes there's a few bumps in the road.

When I was in school, if given a book report, research assignment, speech or any other task I could procrastinate on, I would. It didn't matter how much time the teacher gave us to get the assignment done, I always waited until two days (or the night before) to start working on it. I'd pull my hair out trying to get things done and somehow always managed. And always got an A. It would have probably been much simpler to start when the assignment was first given, but I figured I had so much time to work on it I'd get to it... later.

Even having WJ wasn't a simple task. Not to imply that childbirth is generally in any way simple, but transverse breech. Ouch!

So I think I've mentioned there are several (well, more than several) things around the house that need to be fixed. Most of them, in theory, should be simple. Should be. Maybe it's just me.

A few weeks ago I had a new kitchen faucet installed. The old one was really worn out and had terrible water pressure. The new one was designed differently than the old. My bad for not paying closer attention when buying the damn thing. Anyway, the old one had a separate spray nozzle, but it was located right on the base of the actual faucet. This new one was not. It was supposed to come up through a different hole in the back part of the sink - a hole that I didn't have. I honestly don't even use the spray nozzle all that much, so I didn't bother with it. Just wrapped the hose around the pipes under the sink and left it. It was fine, and I had a new faucet. Well, have I mentioned I can't seem to do anything simply?

The only other hole in the back of the sink is the dishwasher drain tube. In order to bring the spray nozzle up to be used, the tube had to be moved. Should be easy enough, right? Of course. In theory, as long as the tube was still going in an upward direction and higher than the pipes it was draining into it should work perfectly fine. And it would have. If only I'd remembered to put the cap over the top of the tube forcing the water to go back down the other tube to drain out of the dishwasher.

Instead, the cap sat on the kitchen counter.

The diswasher washed.

And then it drained.

All over the kitchen floor, pouring out from the cabinet under the sink, coming out from underneath the faucet all over the kitchen counter.

One cap, four towels and a phone call later things were in order again.


Stacie said...

OH NO!!!! I'm so sorry!!!

And, um, here's why not to rely on theory: communism looks good on paper, too. ;)

Liss said...

That so sounds like something i would do!