Monday, November 13

monday madness

It's gonna be a long week!

After goofing around with my girls - Stacie and Liss - last night, I settled in front of the TV to watch Desparate Housewives. Towards the end, I sensed (but not heard) something in the hallway and looked over completely startled seeing WJ wandering toward me. At first I thought he was sleepwalking again. But, no. He was wide awake. Well, maybe not wide awake. But lucid enough to tell me he couldn't sleep. I let him sit with me for a little bit, then took him back up to bed. Shortly after 10:00pm, I heard him up again. WTH? Poor kid just couldn't sleep last night. So, I shut everything down, went upstairs, and stuck him in bed with me. (No. I never, ever do that unless he's really sick and I feel like I need to keep an eye on him.) He fell asleep almost immediately, but it was a fitful sleep - tossing, turning, wiggling. Needless to say, I wasn't sleeping because of it. Around 11:30pm the winds were so high I thought the roof was going to blow right off the house, or at the very least, the tree in my backyard neighbor's yard was going to fall over and come crashing through my bedroom ceiling. And I still wasn't sleeping. I took WJ back to his bed, climbed under the covers and was out within seconds. Not sure what the sleeping problem was, but at least we both finally got some.

So, I mentioned it's gonna be a long week, didn't I? Yep. Well, as if early release last Thursday, followed by no school on Friday wasn't enough, this week is early release all week long. Conference week. Why on earth they need an entire week for conferences is beyond me? (I'll save you my diatribe on early release/holiday/vacation closures for the rest of the year!) When I was a kid, we didn't have time off for conferences. They were scheduled in the late afternoons and evenings. Just like mine for WJ. My parent-teacher conference isn't even until 3:30pm this afternoon, so why must I pick up my son at 11:00am every day this week? And, to top it off, his dad is leaving tomorrow for a conference and will be gone the entire week.

It's only Monday, but I have a bad feeling about this week. Did I mention it's gonna be a long one?

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Stacie said...

Ack, I hate those kinds of nights!! (((hugs)))