Tuesday, November 28

snow... school closure... work status... and whatever else

Well the snow really packed a punch to Western Washington last night! We didn't get but a couple of inches way down here, but Seattle was reported to have gotten 15". Insane! The Seahawks even played the Packers, at home, in the snow last night... and Won!! Woohoo!! Supposedly we're in for more on Wednesday night, so we'll see. Could be a week of sledding, snowball fights, and snowman building here.
School Closure
Today the school closed for the day. And guess what? They called it at 6:44am and actually USED the emergency phone tree that I was bitching about yesterday. LOL The public schools, however, after calling a school closure changed their minds and called a delay. Some of the neighbor kids parents let them stay home and have a snow day. Cool!
Work Status
I'm out again. This is getting ridiculous! So everyone keep your eyes peeled for me. There's got to be someone out there willing to hire me. Right?
Whatever Else
Don't think I really have anything else to say, but didn't want to disappoint by not including something in this category since I put it in the title. Hope everyone had a good day!

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Stacie said...

Sheesh, girl, what to do, what to do??

Thanks for the whatever else-I really would have been bummed....