Monday, November 6

send a boat... and a paddle too

Another day of RAIN, RAIN and... did I mention... RAIN!! Our ball fields now look like lakes, with water almost up to the knees of the kids out playing in it. The roads are flooding. And my bay window roof is leaking... again. Ugh!

Finished the 4th Undead series book yesterday. So now the waiting begins until December for the 5th one to come out in paperback.

On a good note, after I assemble the binders for the ECTS (Emergency Call Tree System) I'll be done with my mandatory volunteer time* for the school year. That'll take about an hour. Yay! Now to get busy on planning the technology event I've been hired to plan.

*mandatory - obligatory; voluntary - given freely; without compulsion: hence... OXYMORON


HuheyGroove said...

Couple more days and I5 will flood!!!

At least it ain't cold!

Stacie said...

What a krauter!
LOL, love the oxymoron. Glad you are nearly done!