Sunday, January 20

sunday sweep - volume III

How do the weeks seem to roll by so quickly these days? I swear the days are shorter or else I'm just moving slower and being a big fat lazyass. Nah, it's gotta be the days are shorter. Right? Whatever. Here's the latest edition of Sunday Sweep - all the random crap from the past week that's probably not blog worthy anyway but I still want to yak about.

I hate my job
Yep, you heard me right. I hate my job! Anyone reading this from where I work - you KWIM! It's not the job, per se. It's the way the show is orchestrated. Complete lack of planning on someone elses part DOES NOT, and never will, constitute an emergency on mine. I'm so tired of running in circles and jumping through hoops for these people, especially when you find out your boss is totally badmouthing you to a coworker. Yeah, coworker that heard it was the one who turned around and told me about it. Hah! Stupid bitch. My boss, not my coworker. At least I only have a couple more months of the bullshit unless I can find something else earlier and leave a pile of shit for them to figure out without me there to hold thier hands.

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking...
It's time to kick the job search into high gear.....again. As previously noted, not only do I hate my job, but the clock on my contract is rapidly ticking to an end. See, I told you the days were shorter, and you didn't believe me, did you? The one thing I hate even more than my job is looking for a job. Some of you may recall last year's job search. Ten excruciatingly long months of it. I swear if I have to go through that again I'm gonna string myself up from the ceiling fan this time. I am so tired of being told I'm "over qualified" for the jobs I'm applying for. Jesus Christ! Bring me in, let me do the job, and then we can talk about whatever the hell else I can do for you! Don't just discard me like an old slipper because you don't think I won't stay around for long.

Precariously perched on the fence
Adding to my already full schedule, next week I'll be attending a meeting at school. I am one of who knows how many parents who were invited to meet with the accreditation visiting team during their visit next week. This should prove to be a very interesting and entertaining evening, to say the least. With the drama of last year still fresh in many parent's minds, I'm sure the "hand picked" collection of parents being "cordially invited" to meet with the visiting team will be none other than the superficial blindfold wearing lemmings that constitute a good majority of our school community. It's been mentioned that the visiting team will not lead the discussion or discuss and questionable subject that they may have insider information on until it is broached by one of the parents. This leaves me with a rather ominous decision to make - bite my tongue and listen, or speak my mind and be heard. I have no idea what I'll do, and don't plan on making any discision until the opportunity presents iteslf. Or I present the opportunity. Heh!

In addition to the accreditation meeting, I need to talk to someone (though still undecided who) about a subject I'm a little more familiar with these days than I care to be - bullying and harrassment. The offender: a snot nosed, second grader in my little man's class. The offense: Repeated bullying and harassment of my little man AND several of the other kids in the class, though I'm only going in on the little man's behalf and the rest of them are gonna have to wait until their parents step up to the plate and say enough is enough. I know "boys will be boys" and all that crap, and I'm all for letting kids "work it out", however when I hear about the same shit happening over and over and over again and don't see anything being done about it. It's time to lay the smackdown! Aimee's going through a similar situation with her little guy, albeit not in the bullying and harrassment realm but in the indiscretions of a teacher, and her list of what to do is very similar to mine.

1. Talk to the parents of the little shit.
2. Talk to the teacher.
3. Talk to the recess duty people.
4. Talk to the principal.
5. Talk to the Policy Action Team.
6. Talk to the PA/BOD.
7. Scare the crap out of the little shit.
8. All of the above.

I know which one I'd like to do. Yeah, probably not the best choice in this situation. So now I'm struggling with which way I'll go with it. I can explain away each and every one of those options and frankly don't think a damned thing will come of this whichever way I turn, but NO ONE bullies my little man and gets away with it. Not on my watch!

Sheesh! I guess I had a lot more to say than I thought I did when I first sat down to write. I just want to thank all of you who commented, emailed or called me with support for my Dad's procedure last week. So far he's doing well and we're all just waiting for results day to get here.

Go now. Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend. And GO PACKERS!!! What? I gotta root for someone now that my boys threw their chance in the toilet.

Until the next time. Ciao!


Lesley said...

I totally vote for Bully Option # 7, but then again, I'm not a parent (that I know of...) and I don't really know how these things are supposed to work. But just think you could scare the little shit AND probably get out some work frustration too! Win-win!

I hope the job search goes well. I'm sorry the current job sucks!

Sizzle said...

ugh job searching is so taxing. i hope you find a great one though!!

kapgar said...

The question I have is whether or not you're willing to take the pay they're offering despite your qualifications. If so, then how can you be "overqualified"? They should be more than happy to take you at their dictated pay and with your skill set. That's just the biggest load of BS ever. Overqualified? Whatever.

kilax said...

Jeez, you have a lot on your plate!

I hate HATE HATE when something is unplanned, then at that last minute it is thrown at you and you are expected to make a miracle. I think this happens a lot when your boss doesn't understand how much work something really takes... and when they are a complete asshole.

Keep us updated on the bully. That could turn into a very serious issue! I hope you are able to scare some sense into the school, parents or the kid...

Lisa said...

Lesley, I’m leaning towards #7 myself, but most likely will end up with one of the other choices.

Sizz, it is taxing indeed. Got any pointers?

Kevin, it has nothing to do with the pay as I don’t apply for anything that isn’t in my acceptable salary range. They’re just all out to get me! {sigh}

Kim, asshat is more like it! And you’re right…..she has NO idea what it really takes to do what I do for her group.

Whiskeymarie said...

I vote for #8. An all-points attack will succeed, by default, in #7.

I hate kid bullies. They usually grow up to be adult bullies.

jenny cook said...

hahaha - i vote to scare the living hell out of the little devil. :) seriously, it needs to be dealt with somehow. that's bs.

my job sucks too. too bad it's full time and with great benefits so finding something comparable is next to impossible. good luck on your search!

the weirdgirl said...

I don't get why so many companies turn down "overqualified" applicants and higher junior people instead. That's been happening at the place I just left (though my contract may get renewed). The director hired all of these junior level newbies - smart, but they don't have much experience - and then the director quit! I almost think she did it on purpose as a final "fuck you".

(She is/was a bitch, though, so go figure.)

creative-type dad said...

Dress up as Darth Vader and borrow a chainsaw.
That should scare him a bit.

jessica said...

hey, thanks for leaving me a shout out on my new blog. i appreciate it! i'll try to make it worth your time to read :) i have an 8 year old and we went through a bully thing... not fun. it was handled well and wisely by the teacher, so no problems since (about two months) - good luck there. thanks for the compliment on my portfolio. i am so not finished with my website - obviously! long way to go... looking forward to reading here!