Tuesday, January 15

just call me the Queen of Cheap

I'm a cheapskate and a cheap date, so I've been told, but that's another story! I come by it honestly, though. When I was younger my mother and I used to joke if you opened my father's wallet moths would fly out. Okay, so the joke is missed on most of you youngsters out there, but those in my generation understand what I'm saying.

I'm always looking for a deal. And the best deal out there is FREE, as witnessed by the coupon I found for shipping on my recent Victoria's Secret splurge. Some things you just can't be cheap about! For the most part, I scour the stores looking for items I need/want for the best possible price. This includes anything from household products and groceries to clothing and shoes. If the price isn't right I won't buy it. It doesn't matter if I have a few extra bucks burning a hole in my pocket, or if someone sends me gift cards to frivolously spend on indulging myself; my cheapskate radar is always on.

Evidence of my recent cheapness can be found in my closet. Let's take a look, shall we?

A shopping trip right before Christmas uncovered these cute Union Bay pants at Khols: $8

The New Year's Day shopping trip rewarded me with this adorable black sweater at Macy's: $12.90

I tell you I really am the Queen of Cheap*! Just look at my slippers if you don't believe me.

My poor comfy, warm bootie slippers are dying a slow painful death. But I've remedied that! Packing tape to the rescue!! If I could have found my duct tape I would have certainly used it, but alas the old standby was available.

Why do I stoop to such levels of cheapness? I'll tell you. Replacement of my $20 purchase two years ago of my favorite comfy, warm bootie slippers can only be remedied if I am willing to part with $60-70 of my hard earned money.

Not happening.

*Royal tiara not included because I priced them.....and they cost too much.


Sizzle said...

can we PLEASE start a fund to get you new slippers?!

besides that, great bargain shopping score!

Liss said...

I will send you some slippers if you tell me your size...I have recently found the most comfortable and warm ever...

kapgar said...

I think you forgot the duct tape for the bottom of those slippers.

jenny cook said...

oh you are too funny! girl, you've got to find yourself a new pair of slippers!

Freak Magnet said...

Holy Moly those slippers cracked me up! (get it? holy? holey slippers? HAHAHAAAHAHAHA)

ronUpNorth said...

I'm always amazed at how much money americans spend on crap. We found two new pairs of gap/express jeans at goodwill yesterday for $10 total. i think americans actually prefer to spend more money. then they think they are special.