Sunday, January 27

sunday sweep - volume IV

Do you know how long it took me over the past two days to catch up on reading and commenting on all your blogs? Damn! How the hell are you all so prolific throughout the week? By the time I get home from work, take care of reviewing/working on homework, figure out what sustenance we'll be having and make said sustenance, make whatever phone calls need making, and get the little man off to bed, my brain just can't handle writing or most nights even reading everything posted out there.

Today's Sunday Sweep is pretty much gonna be an update of last weeks Sunday Sweep, cuz that's pretty much been my week. So, if you haven't read last weeks spoutings you might want to go now so you have some sort of clue what I'm talking about.

Precariously perched on the fence (update)
Wednesday night was the meeting with the school accreditation team. Sadly I'm still sitting on that fence and after having read through the 115 page self study yesterday have more than two pages of notes on subjects I need to have more information on. Apparently the accreditation team didn't feel the same need for more info as they told us at the end of the meeting they were "very impressed" and would be putting in their recommendation for accreditation. Don't get me wrong, I want the school to be accredited, but I really want it to be accredited for the right reasons - like we deserve it - rather than because we didn't really let the cat out of the bag and made ourselves look like we're something other than we really are. Is that too much to ask?

My biggest pet peeve of the night shares my biggest pet peeve for the school community in general - only a handful of parents felt it worthwhile to show up. From what I was told, twenty-five parents were invited to attend this meeting. Guess how many bothered. Four. Well, actually five if you count the husband of one of the four who I'm sure wasn't invited since they were only having one representative per family of those families that were invited. Anyway, besides us five there was the PA president (also a parent, but representing the PA), one board member, and a teacher (also a parent, but she already had her say when the staff meet with the accreditation team earlier in the day so WTH?). What a sad way to represent the school! Not surprised though since we pretty much have less than 10% of the school community involved and carrying the weight of the other 90% each and every year anyway. Still. Gah!

So what am I going to do about all of this rather than just sitting her complaining? Well, I'm still trying to figure that one out it its entirety but to start I plan on filling in the blanks for all the questions I have from the notes I made. A few weeks ago I was thinking of maybe running for a board position, except 1) I'm not sure there are any open board positions to run for this year, and 2) the board is pretty much the least liked group at school, except by the group of superficial blindfold wearing lemmings. Have any of you sat on a board of directors before? What was your experience? Was it school related or other? I did note they presented a notion of creating a parent action committee to develop a financial plan for the school over the next few years. I'm thinking this would serve me, and the school, much better so for now I'm gonna get more info on that one and see what comes of it. Not throwing the BOD idea totally out the window yet, though, so if you've got any input, please let me know.

Schooldaze (update)
I know most of you chose option #7 during last weeks discussion, and while I really wanted that option too and hate to disappoint, I went with option #4 instead. On Tuesday afternoon the little man and I went to visit the principal. I started off the discussion with a basic "this is why we're here" and then let him do all the talking from there. As I would expect, she made notes while she talked to him, explained her course of action (talking to the recess duty people, and then talking to the little shit himself), then following up with my little man later in the week. Per the little man, he visited her office again at the end of the week and she said she'd done all of the above. I assume she must have done something cuz the little shit hasn't bothered my little man all week. She also said she'd email me with an update (this part I haven't seen.....yet) so all in all we're on the right track. Good not only for the safety of my child but good dry run of our new bullying and harrassment policy.

Funny aside on the little shit: He's apparently having a birthday party next month and has invited all the boys he routinely picks on every day. Uh, yeah! Going to the party? Notsomuch.

Daddy, they're on the way (update)
Quick update on my Dad. The doc says he's got prostate cancer. My poor dad! I swear if it's not one sickness/ailment/disease it's another. The good news (if there is such thing when talking about cancer) is it's at the T1 stage (which for those of you who don't know cancer like I know cancer means it's the level right after pre-cancerous). Anyway, due to his medical history and age, the doc won't do surgery and has given Dad a month to make a decision on three or four other courses of action including radiation and pretty much doing nothing at all. So far he seems to be okay with the news, all things considered. Keeping those positive vibes, thoughts and magic wand waving going for him is certainly appreciated.

So there you have it, the updates from the week. Over the past week I've been tagged by Jenny and Nicki, so you'll see those coming up this week. Other than that not much going on. Watch, now that I said that all hell's gonna break loose.

Enjoyable "saying good-bye to January and welcoming February al-freakin-ready" wishes to you all!


kilax said...

I am not surprised that not many parents showed up... that's just a sad fact about parenting now... it seems. Your son will have a better life because you care.

I hope no boys show up to that little shit's party! Ha ha!

I am sorry to hear the news about your dad. I know he can get through this though! My grandpa had it, and everything turned out fine for him :)

jessica said...

i think i'm going to have to read some back in your blog (with all the extra time i have!) about this school business... i will and will have more informed responses then... but i will say that i am on my son's hockey association board and it has not been a pleasant experience. people expect things to get done and then don't volunteer... and then b!tch about it!! come on, people. i've tried to convey this message as the webmaster and via mass emailings to all members. but people just won't step up. let's just say that in april when my term is up - i'm done. i'll volunteer and do my part but it's much too draining and time consuming dealing with people who do nothing and expect everything.

i'm so sorry about your dad. sending him well wishes. both of my grandpas had the same thing also. chin up. he'll come through this great.

Liss said...

you know my dad had prostate cancer...he is totally cancer free. he had a seed inplanted or something like that and hormone therapy then radiation. He was apparently pretty advanced but the whole treatment took about 8 months and the only lasting effect was some weight gain from the hormones.