Wednesday, March 28

wednesday wrap-up (version whatever number I'm on at this point)

I can't believe what I stumbled on today. A brand new blog called South Puget Sound Dining. The first blog I've found that reviews restaurants in the South Sound area. I know a lot of you don't live in this area, but you might find the reviews interesting nontheless. Or maybe it's just one of my weirdnesses that draws me to reading food and restaurant reviews. Whatever, check it out. Then you'll know the places to eat at, or avoid, when you come visit me.

Yesterday was a crazy day here in unemployment land. I actually had an interview. It's about time since the last one was in February. It was with another state agency---yep, I'm concentrating on them at this point. And I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get an offer on this one. I know I probably shouldn't be writing this, and I'm probably hexing myself to unemployment hell for the next 20 years, but I'm serious. If this one doesn't come through, there's no hope for me. Why? Well, I'll tell you---1) I'm totally qualified for the job, 2) it's not on my top 3 jobs to get hired for, and 3) I have a friend who knows the hiring manger and has put in a good word for me. Therefore, I feel an offer is imminent. Again, I'm probably hexing myself.

We also started karate yesterday. Well, not me... WJ. But Sensei encouraged the parents to participate too so we can work with the kids outside of class, so I'm totally gonna take him up on it. I've wanted to try out karate for a long time now, and if I can do it for FREE I'm all over that. The class is gonna be great, and WJ loves it. I just hope some of the people drop. There are so many people signed up for this class, and a bunch who already got 'called out' by Sensei. Well, I just hope it pares down a bit so the kids can get more individualized attention. Either way, it's gonna be a good experience for the both of us!
Oh, and one last thing. Went to Safeway today and was very disappointed that I couldn't find the NASCAR harlequin romances that Sarah found. I was sure they'd be there, but notsomuch. Just your run of the mill books and mags. Ah well! I'm sure I'll find them somewhere if I really search around.


Groove said...

NASCAR harlequin...

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Green Green Green! Boogity Boogity Boogity! Let's put our dick in Boys!



Jay said...

Well, I hoe you haven't hexed yourself, even if it isn't your dream job, sometimes it's just nice to be asked after you've had a dry spell.

Lisa said...

Groove: You know you want to read it!! Hahahaha!!!

Jay: I hope not either. I really need something at this point.

Liss said...

Please tell me you aren't a NASCAR fan...This might be a deal breaker for us being friends...JK

I'll have to tell you about the NASCAR people who were going to Vegas when I was there. I Think i saw the man of my dreams...bald on top ponytail in the back, handle bar mustash,big #3 belt buckle, nascar jacket...he was HOT

Stacie said...

Wait for it! LMAO!