Sunday, March 18

into every life a little rain must fall. but sometimes there's a rainbow at the end.

Don't worry. I'm not going to launch into singing The Rainbow Connection, Singing in the Rain, or Somewhere Over the Rainbow. And, really, this post has nothing to do with rain whatsoever. But since I brought it up, can I just say I'm really done. Done. As in truly ready for the sun to shine. All day. Every day.

Anyway, I digress. Do you remember I mentioned something about my dishwasher having issues? So, for awhile there I was putting a pie tin under the area the water was leaking off of, and it worked fine. When the technician came to fix my dryer last week, I asked about the dishwasher and he told me "buy a new one" because the cost of fixing the old one would be more. I figured I'd just run the old one until it died. Until Saturday. The leak, obviously getting worse, wasn't contained by the pie tin anymore and water flooded out all over my kitchen floor. Once again I was on the hunt for another appliance I can't afford to buy.

As if this wasn't bad enough I'd just come from having my oil changed to be told that my transmission fluid and power steering fluid were both showing extreme discoloration and burning. WTF? My car only has 37,800 miles on it and was in for the required 30,000 mile check to keep with the warranty. During that check, both of these fluids were supposed to be inspected and/or replaced. Well apparently my Ford dealer DIDN'T do that cuz there's no way in hell it could look as nasty as it does now in only 7,800 miles. So guess where I get to go tomorrow? The stupid Ford dealer. I'm gonna give them the big ass WTF in person and they'd better not give me any bull back or I might have to pull out the can of whoop ass.

Enter my rainbow connection. Not on the car. For the dishwasher. I was telling my friend C about my appliance disasters when she said, "Oh no! It's too bad I didn't know before. N & T (other friends of ours) just redid their kitchen and got all new appliances. But I'm sure their old ones are gone by now." We talked about other options and I told her I was planning on heading out later in the afternoon to hit the major four in our area--Costco, Best Buy, Home Depot and Lowes--after I finished my house cleaning. Before I even had the chance to finish, or leave the house, she called back.

C: "Stop shopping. I've got your dishwasher problem solved."
Me: "I haven't even left yet. What?"
C: "I just got off the phone with N and they still have their old dishwasher. You can have it for free!"
Me: Beaming from ear to ear "OMG!! Are you serious?"
C: "Yes!"
Me: "OMG!!! OMG!! OMG!!!"
C: "I'll help you pick it up since I have the truck, so the only thing you'll have to worry about is the installation."
Me: Still beaming "OMG!! You rock!!!"
C: "So come for poker tonight and arrange everything with N."
Me: "Of course. OMG! You can't see me but my cheeks are hurting cuz I can't stop smiling."
C: "I know. I hear it in your voice."

The crazy thing is C and I lost touch for awhile there for reasons that are irrelevant to this story. But I truly believe there are no coincidences in life. And this is one of those moments that confirms it for me. Oh! And in case this wasn't enough. Our other friend D has offered to install it for me. When he told me last night he said, "Why pay someone to do something friends can do for you for free."


Jay said...

Wow, things really are lining up in your favour, aren't they? That's lovely news, glad to hear karma is treating someone well these days.

Stacie said...

I am so happy. You need some good stuff going your way, lady.

Sounds like C and you are back on track. I'm glad to know you have some great friends out there to look out for you, chica!

Liss said...

congrats on the new dishwasher. i'm glad you didn't have to go and buy a new one.

BTW...are you getting excited??? I see that it's less than a month to party time ;)

Miss you