Friday, March 23

how cool is this?

As you all know, I started mixing things up here a few weeks ago---making a few blog marketing posts in between my usual rants, raves and banter. Well, let me just tell you how excited I am about this! With just 3 posts, I've earned almost $30. No kidding.

I was totally skeptical at first and acutally held off on posting too many marketing posts until I saw 1) I was doing it correctly, 2) my posts were being approved, and 3) you, my faithful readers, weren't going to start bombing me with tomatoes and raspberries. Thank you for understanding! But now I'm ready to take on more. The best part of it all for me is I can post when I want because the opportunity is something I'd actually want to research, or post about anyway.

There's only two downsides to this---trying to improve my Google page rank so I'll have a bigger variety of opportunites offered to me, and not jumping on an opportunity quickly enough. If you want to help me in my quest, and use Technorati, please add my site to your list. As for grabbing up the good one's before they pass me by. Well, I'm on my own for that one. I won't miss too many more good ones like the two I missed tonight already because I was off doing other things. Things where I'm not making that $30 that's coming my way!!

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Stacie said...

I think its so cool! :)