Friday, March 9

just in case you're wondering

You might have asked yourself "What's up?" when reading a couple of new posts here in the past couple of days. Or maybe you just think I've gone off the deep end and am posting disclaimers for kicks. Whatever the case, here's the deal.

Last week Elizabeth over at Table for Five posted about how she found this site where she could make a few bucks just for blogging about stuff she might normally post about anyway. Since making money is on the top of my list of "must dos" I had to check it out.

PayPerPost works with bloggers (like me) by letting affiliates post "opportunities" to talk about their sites. There's so many opps out there, and the more I write and attract attention for the affiliates, the more opps I'll have to choose from. Some day (if I get enough traffic) I could even make $1,000 for a single sponsor post. Now wouldn't that be something? For now, every little bit counts.

Anyway, since Blogspot doesn't have tabs, I've added my disclaimer on my sidebar. As it states, this isn't going to influence my posts. I'll still be giving you my witty, sassy, and sometimes bitchy spin on things, but some of them I might actually get paid for. If this idea repulses you, I'm sorry. Feel free to skip over those posts. But I hope you don't. I hope you keep coming back, and tell your friends to come on by too. Cuz there's truly nothing better than getting paid for what you love to do - in this case ranting, raving and shouting out!


Stacie said...

Holy kraut, them's some good idears!

Can't wait to see what you have to tell us about!

Marni said...

This is a great idea! Let me know how it's going... I may sign up myself!