Friday, March 2

how'd they get here from there??

There are some very strange people out there, and they obviously have nothing better to do than search for some very strange things. How they got to my blog with their strange searches is beyond me, but funny just the same. Let's take a look at the last week.

“i really hate school” blog
Yeah, I do. But my kid loves it!

calling out sick for an interview
Maybe wait until you get the job then call out sick for work.

panties seen over jeans
Only if they're two sizes too big.

best banana muffins ever
Aww... thanks!

“jessica b” liss
Uh... which one of them were you looking for? They have their own blogs, ya know!?

thong sticking out pants
Not my style.

shawn cassidy music
Please don't tell me he's still performing!

search for hot girls wearing thongs with jeans
Would a picture of a VS model in my favorite bra be a suitable substitute?

when teacher bend thongs
Is this a new teaching technique?

kt tunstall thong
Someone is obviously really enthralled with thongs.

becoming aware video kotex
Usually the mere sight of blood is enough to make me aware.

tawny kitaen fight with david coverdale
It was only so they could have make-up sex.

can u start a sentence with but
But certainly!

people who refuse to get a job
Let's talk about the people who refuse to give ME a job!

Again... he's got his own blog.

wrong place wrong time oxymoron
Not really. It happens to me all the time.

Can I buy an A?

shes so unsocial
See. I knew some of you thought I was!


Stacie said...

And this is why I blogged about what I blogged about. I am SOOOOO jealous! ;)

creative-type dad said...

Wow! Where can I find those teachers...?

Actually, the ones aroud us are really old. Scratch that request